I might be taking the guestbook down at anywhere-is. I’ve been getting spammers forever, but now I’m getting porn spammers and that is NOT COOL with me at all. That stuff gives me horrible feelings and I don’t want it on my site, especially without my permission. I don’t want people clicking on those links and coming across that crap, not from my site. I’m trying a few other things first, but I’ll probably end up taking it down eventually.

Grr, I HATE spammers. :(

Did some minor updates to my front page. Nothing major. OH MY GOSH. Look what I found, from my “camgirl” days! http://www.camdiscover.com/sc.html/264/

Hahaha. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cam. I mean, I get on Yahoo! and chat with my friends with it sometimes, but having an actual cam? Not so much anymore. Whoa, you can see how fat I was after I had Aidan and pregnant pictures of me too. Wild stuff. I didn’t even know that was still up.

So today, I was speeding down Taylor Rd like I always do and I saw a cop driving in the opposite lane. I was thinking “HA HA YOU CAN’T GET ME!” but he pointed at me. HAHA.

Reasons Why Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day:

1. It will be FRIDAY!
2. No staff meeting!
3. Dinner and fun at Tyler’s tomorrow evening!
4. It will be sunny and 60 degrees. WooHoo!

My boss #2 has been asking me a lot about Christianity and my church. It’s kind of weird to “evangelize” to him, especially since he’s a Catholic and therefore already a Christian in my eyes, but he’d fallen away and he’s seeking God again and it’s neat. I’ve never pegged myself as being decent at that kind of thing but the answers just flow right out of me. He keeps saying he’s going to go to Hell and I keep telling him NO. He won’t.

This should be interesting.

And you know what else should be interesting? I’m going to see “Guess Who” tonight with Rob, his brother, and Chris. I love Zoe Sal…I can’t remember how to spell her last name. The previews looked funny, I hope it is. It was between either that or Sin City, and neither Rob nor I was in the mood for violence.

This weekend is going to be beautiful! At least, Saturday will be. And I’ll be freeeeeeeee. So totally FREE. Chris and the boys are going to Mammoth Cave and Aidan is still in Cleveland. Saturday is going to rock. ‘Cause I said so and I refuse to sleep the entire day away. WoooooHooooo.

Saturday is also Christy’s birthday and she’s having a party that night, so I have to make sure I look hot. ;) Just kidding. It should be fun, though.

Okay then, I’m gonna run for now. I need to sort pictures out for my scrapbook. I NEED to work on my scrapbook. Eeek. Til later…

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