Oooh, today IS good! :)

+ I woke up on time! :)
+ My boss asked me to proofread something for him (for the second day in a row!) I LOVE proofreading!
+ There was no staff meeting.
+ Had a good conversation with two co-workers this morning.
+ Had another good conversation with another co-worker later this morning.
+ I got text messages from Aimzy (hunan).
+ It’s sunny outside!
+ I got an email (albeit mass) from my beautiful friend Carrie who is in Japan for two years on business. She’s been there for two months now. Her apartment is AMAZING.
+ I’m going to see Rob later! :)
+ McDonalds for lunch.
+ It’s FRIDAY!!!! :D

Aimzy called me last night! :) I was watching Guess Who at the time, so I missed her call, but I got a voicemail from her which was tres cool! :) I love to hear the voices of my far-away friends.

Guess Who was a very cute movie. Some parts made me uncomfortable and I liked that. It also made me laugh and cry and Ashton and Zoe are both so bloody hot… and the actress who played her mom. Whoa. Beautiful.

The day is going quickly. I hope it slows to a crawl once I’m with my friends. :)

Your Inner European is French!

Smart and sophisticated.

You have the best of everything – at least, *you* think so.

‘Til later!

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