Day: April 13, 2005


I thought I’d try to get through another day without updating, but that’s not the case, obviously.

I went for my eye exam today. Stupid insurance won’t cover my frames because I got contacts last year. Grr. So I had to pay $211 with all the overages (thin lenses, anti-reflective coating) and such for a new pair of glasses. I could have dealt with the drill-mounts I guess, but they are high maintanance.

The good news is that my prescription is the same, so I CAN wear the drill-mounts if I feel like hassling with them (they are a nice pair of glasses) but now I get a really cute pair of maxstudio glasses too. Ones that won’t be such a pain to maintain. :) I should have them in a week. In the meantime, since I wore my glasses to the place and the doctor gave me contacts to wear out, they gave me a free glasses case. It’s bright pink and tres cute.

Smells funny, though.

Heard at the Chiropractor yesterday:
Whiny Kid Voice: Mattttheewwwww! (mumble whine whine)
Matthew: I didn’t say that, my butt did.

Little boys crack me up. I wonder what kind of gems Aidan will spout when he gets older.

I’m hungry but I have no clue what I want to eat. Nothing sounds very appealing, so I’ve been munching on jelly beans trying to get some sort of clue. Maybe I’ll get Panera for dinner. Oh, but that involves effort and money. Although, it’s been a long time since I’ve had it. Mmmm. Asiago roast beef and chicken noodle soup, followed by a cinammon crunch or dutch apple bagel for dessert. Yummmm.

Drama club meeting tonight, but first a stop at the Post Office. :D

Please don’t read this.

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