Day: April 14, 2005

Picture Post! (Pictures)

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Preparing For the Norm & Randomness

Things I Meant to do While Aidan Was Gone But Didn’t:
– Clean the house thoroughly (I only kind of straightened up, sorta)
– Put away my laundry (I guess there is still a bit of time to do that)
– Go to the doctor (he didn’t have any appointments ’til next Friday)
– Scrapbook

Things I DID!
– Organized my pictures
– Worked on my writing
– Nice things for people
– Hung out with some of my friends
– Shopped alone (ah, blisssss)
– Got my eyes checked
– Relaxed on the porch almost every evening since it’s been nice out
– Ate ridiculously unhealthily

It’s going to be so weird having Aidan back. I’ve gotten used to having less responsibility, taking naps after work, and shopping alone. He seems to be having fun at his grandmommy’s which helps me to relax and enjoy the “vacation.” :)

I miss Aidan, but not all the work!!

We’re getting him Saturday. People are asking about him and wanting to see him. He’s very missed! :) I just want to hug him!

A Typical Exchange at Work:

Ronni’s Phone: ring ring!
Ronni checks, sees that it’s boss #2

Ronni: Yes, honeychile?
Boss #2: I need you to do me a favor like yesterday. Can you come over?
Ronni: You got any money?
Boss #2: I’ve got one thousand dollars!
Ronni: Okay, I’ll be right over.
Ronni goes to Boss #2’s desk.
Ronni: I’m going to need the cash first, please.
Boss #2: RIGHT!

He owes me a lot of money.

Random Sidenote: I’m eating Reese’s Pieces for breakfast. How’s that for 100% bonafide unhealthy? Thank Craig for my horrible diet; he got me one of those huge bags full of ’em. Yummy!

I have to ration them so I won’t eat the entire thing in one sitting.

So, I’m reading this book called The Boyfriend List. It’s really funny and touchingly realistic. I’m enjoying it a lot. :) I think I will write a review on Amazon about it once I’m done.

I have many books to read, this is so great. :) I love reading. I love sitting on the porch in the warm sun and reading after work–I’m going to miss doing that when Aidan gets back. Going outside with him will not entail sitting and reading, that’s for sure. At least, not until he’s older. I suppose we can go in the backyard–but it won’t be warm back there and what if there are mushrooms growing out of the ground? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

J.K. Rowling has revealed three chapter titles from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be:

Chapter Two: “Spinners End”
Chapter Six: “Draco’s Detour”
Chapter Fourteen: “Felix Felicis”

Not much longer… not much longer. I’ve already pre-ordered it and I even upgraded the shipping to standard so I can get it that day. YEAH!

I bought stamps yesterday but I’m not exactly sure where I put them. I wonder if they’re in my car? Speaking of, that needs to be cleaned out like NOW. Ugh. I hate a messy car and mine is full of clothes, board games, CDs, wrappings, all sorts of stuff. Yuck. Maybe I’ll do that tonight. :)

National Scrapbook Day is April 30, 2005, I believe! Or is it May 7th? Oh poop, who cares? I need to get some scrapping done ASAP! I have all the stuff; all the pictures, an album, adhesives, new scissors, papers, etc. I just need the motivation to sit down and do it! I’ll be more likely to actually do it if I’m with a friend or more. So (itskels), we should make some plans. Leave the little ones with their dads, head over to Archivers or something and scrapbook like mofos. It’s been way too long, yes?

‘Til Later…

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You may not be feeling as positive as you’d wish, but you have a strong inner resolve that you can rely on — no matter what’s happening in your outer life. Things are changing for reasons that you might not yet understand. Let go of whatever is already slipping away. Don’t try to stop the process. Room is being made for new opportunities which will soon enter your life.

Let it all go…..
Embrace the new…..

And maybe do some Yoga in the meantime…

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