This morning, I was sleeping and I was awakened by a big boom (Aidan opening his door) and running into our room. He gave me a big hug and kisses. What a nice way to wake up, huh? He asked for juice. I should have given him milk.

Oh well, next time.

He asked to go to the potty and he pooped AND peepeed! Then he wanted a bath after that. THEN he pretty much washed himself, and then put on his own shirt and gave me lots of hugs and kisses in the process. Now he’s all dressed and drawing letters on some paper.

It’s so weird having him back, but it’s fun too.

Had fun last night as well. Went to Rob’s last night. A bunch of us hung out, ate ice cream, and watched movies. Chris’s VERY COOL cousin came with us. Had a good time for the most part. :)

I’m paying for eating the ice cream, though.

Now it’s time for church and then the zoo. WooHoo! :D

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