I went to the zoo yesterday. It was loads of fun! :) We had a good time and got great pictures!

The giraffes were awesome, as usual. There was definitely a vacancy, though. One of them had died last week. :( That’s so sad for me, I LOVE giraffes.

My favorite part was when we saw the gorillas. They’re so hilarious. But there was a one-year old named Dottie. She had a blanket and was so sweet and good. I took her picture, and she seemed really interested in my camera. I held it up to the glass and she put her hand up against it. Then I showed her the picture I’d taken of her, and she stared, fascinated. It was the most precious thing ever, and everyone was going “aww.” I wanted to take her home with me!!! <3 Little Dottie (picture behind the cut)!


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