I went to the zoo yesterday. It was loads of fun! :) We had a good time and got great pictures!

The giraffes were awesome, as usual. There was definitely a vacancy, though. One of them had died last week. :( That’s so sad for me, I LOVE giraffes.

My favorite part was when we saw the gorillas. They’re so hilarious. But there was a one-year old named Dottie. She had a blanket and was so sweet and good. I took her picture, and she seemed really interested in my camera. I held it up to the glass and she put her hand up against it. Then I showed her the picture I’d taken of her, and she stared, fascinated. It was the most precious thing ever, and everyone was going “aww.” I wanted to take her home with me!!! <3 Little Dottie (picture behind the cut)!

Boring ole picture of me. I’m obsessed with profile pics lately for some reason.

I like this sign. I wonder why? ;)

Teresa, me, and Tina. :)

Check out the face this guy is making! Hahaha! :D

This precious thing is soo cute. I saved this picture for last because it’s my favorite!
<3 Dottie!!

I have more of course, but I will wait ’til I get my roll of film developed before I upload them all into an album.

I had a good day today. The sun was out. I read my friends’ journals and most of them are happy, which makes ME happy. :D Boss #1 and I had a one on one and he told me that I’m doing well. We talked about music, and I told him about The Postal Service and he told me about Blue Merle.

Tomorrow is The Grove. :D I don’t think I have to do anything important there, so I might get a chance to sit and relax. We’ll see. I don’t like not being part of the action, though. I have to copy The Bark and also some flyers I made. Yippee. :D Aidan and I will probably eat BK for dinner, if I have time to get there.

How exciting is this? When my mom had Aidan, she got him used to going to bed earlier. HE’S IN BED ALREADY! This is so nice, so much better than him going to bed at midnight.

Anywhere Is has a new layout. Check it out! :D (doesn’t seem to work well in Firefox, but it looks great in IE)

I thought I had other stuff to type, but I guess not. :D I guess I should get ready for bed; I want to be there by 10:30pm. Later!

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