Day: April 26, 2005

Ups & Downs

So, now comes the hard part. Aidan was SOOO good all evening, and Chris just put him to bed. He’s crying for Daddy. :( I don’t want him to cry, but I also don’t want to make a habit of getting him every night when he’s crying instead of sleeping. Especially since he’d been going down just fine before. *sigh*

I was having a semi-bad day. Actually, it was a rollercoaster day. The cats were acting stupid at 5am (-), traffic was bad on too many levels (-), I got yelled at (-), it RAINED (-), I was late to my meeting (-), Aidan was poopy (-), there were no diapers in the diaper bag (-). But, I ate McDonalds for lunch (+), Rob called (+), Aimzy texted me (+), I had PANERA for dinner (+), I got to see Christie M and Jenny E (+), Aidan was fun and cute (+), and I saw THIS:

Awesome, huh? You know how it’s raining and you can see sun in the distance–and you entertain the thought of seeing a rainbow without actually expecting it? Jenny saw it and pointed it out–the picture does not do it justice. It was beautiful and actually a double bow. If you look closely at the picture (off to the right), you can see a fainter rainbow above the bright one. :) (++)

If I were to grade today, it would be a C+.

Oh no, now he’s calling for me. How can I resist that????

Whew. Chris is in there cuddling with him. :) Now all is well.

And just for a bit of stupid trivia–I want a new guitar. One with lower action. Although I have a friend who says he can lower it for me on my Fender–I’ll talk to him before I consider selling it. If he can lower the action, I’ll be more inclined to play because it won’t hurt as much! :) If not, I’ll maybe sell mine–it’s a Fender DG-8. I’d also like a lighter guitar–mine is pretty heavy.

Meh, we’ll see. That’s something that’s on the VERY tippy-tip of my brain right now.

And what’s on the agenda for tomorrow?

– More rain? (God, I hope not).
– Work. (Meh)
– Writing & research. (YEA!)
– Drama Club meeting. :)

Off to a bath, then relaxation for me. I’m reading The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot. WHY haven’t I read this before? WOW, it’s hilarious!! I love her style of writing. I picked it up at the library on a whim yesterday and I’m glad I did! :) I’ll probably reserve all the rest of them and plow through them within weeks. WOOHOO! I heart reading!


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My Writing Journal



Add me if you want. I’m going to be blathering about my writing, begging all of you to keep me inspired and keep me going, and marking my progress.

I need some accountability, or else I’ll churn out poems and stories and let them sit on my hard drive while beating myself up for being such a scaredy cat.

I’m 95% sure I’m ready to take steps to start my writing career. I hope the writing journal will keep me on track. :)

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Introduction – Getting Over The Fear

I have a few authors on my LJ list (people I’m going to move over here soon). I read their journals and I get this tingle in my stomach. Slightly sick, slightly scared, very excited, flip-flopping between being highly inspired and highly discouraged.

I want to be an author so badly I can taste it, but I let FEAR get in my way. I let the fear of success rule me. What if I can’t come up with a decent book? What if I get rejected nine million times? What if I make a bestseller?

What if I make it? What if my dreams come true?

I want this. I have to work for it, and it’s work I enjoy. I walk into the book store and I see all the books and think that someday, mine WILL be on that shelf. Not turned sideways either, but front displayed so everyone can see my cover. So everyone can buy it. Read it, enjoy it.

I’m starting this journal to keep track of my progress. To have some accountability. To inspire myself and for you guys to hopefully inspire me. I may post writing samples here, I’ll post the process. My feelings. I’m going to be frank and to the point.

Add me if you’d like. Keep me going, keep pushing me to do my best. To follow my dreams… to SUCCEED!

/end cheesiness. :D

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