Day: April 30, 2005

atb CD

A while ago, I’d written about a CD that I’d bought but didn’t work.

I decided to give it another go ’round today, and when I held the case, I noticed it was heavier than most CD cases. After ripping it apart, I found the real CD. The one I’d been trying to play was a CD-ROM.

Maybe if I’d READ the darn thing, this would have been a non-issue. :) The good news is that I didn’t waste $13 or so after all. :D And now I have more atb to listen to!! :)

Working on The Bark now. Already having some issues. Don’t think I’ll be partying today–I have no interest in going outside at the moment.

Later, gators.

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Just An Update

I have a lot to do this weekend.

  • Visit Hallmark. :)
  • The Bark
  • Put away laundry
  • Clean bedroom
  • Query letter!!!!!!!
  • Enjoy the weekend!

I really wish it wasn’t going to rain Saturday. There is going to be a party for Joshua A at the park. I was looking forward to it, but it’s supposed to be cold and wet, and I’ll have Aidan. The combination does not sound appealing. I might still stop by, especially if the rain has tapered off. We’ll see though.

I’d love to take Aidan to the zoo, but again. That pesky weather has gotten in the way. Drat.

You know, even though it’s trying to warm up, it’s still depressing to get up in the morning, see grey skies, and freeze all day! It’s so cold. I’m still using my heater in the car! When will Spring really get here? And Summer?

Although thunderstorms can go straight to h-e-double hockey sticks.

None of my friends have sympathy for me because they all LOVE storms. What in the world? How did I get tangled up in such a weird bunch? Storms are almost on the same plane as onions as far as I’m concerned.

Which reminds me. One of my favorite quotes from last weekend:

Kim P: I enjoy onions.
Everyone Else: EWWWW!

And now, it’s time for guess the movie. I haven’t played that in a while, have I? :D
(These are paraphrases, by the way!)

  1. By the time this flight is over, everybody will be pregnant!
  2. As if I’m not already weird enough… LET’S ADD A TIARA!
  3. You got me straight trippin’, boo.
  4. Did you know I’m only seventeen? I probably shouldn’t be drinking this beer… seeing as I’m so–underage and alll.
  5. Get out of here you bastard, or I’ll burn you up. I’ll FRY you!
  6. Go drink a bottle of yourself!

Today at work, I was sorting paper clips. I don’t like the jumbo ones to be bunched in with the regular sized ones, so I was separating them and putting them into their own containers. I had a flashback to when I was in theatre and worked in the scene shop for work study. Periodically, usually after a show and a tear-down, we had to sort screws. Sorting screws was a chore to be despised. Almost as much as washing paint brushes. Ugh, I hated both of them!

Sorting Screws

  • tedious
  • annoying
  • stinky
  • took forever

Washing Paint Brushes

  • smelled like a$$
  • tedious
  • annoying

Dude, we got into some crazy stuff in that scene shop. I used serious heavy duty power tools such as table saws and jig-saws, (and got hooked on the Makita drill!), messed around with materials that covered me from head to toe in a strange dusting—and even though we had on masks and goggles, I still was sneezing that stuff out for hours after we were done working with it.

I miss it. I never thought I’d say that—but I miss it.

This is funny: :) I found it courtesy of itskels. :) You have to love it. Especially since they offer pages of free fonts to use instead of Comic Sans. Woo!

Had fun with my boys Rob and Tyler tonight. :D We ate spaghetti, watched a movie, and hung out and talked for a while. Good times, good times. I love Friday nights.


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