Day: May 6, 2005

Reese’s Pieces

Today is one of those days that I feel like writing a lot. And about anything and everything. So get ready.

To start off…



I had a busy week! That’s good but tiring too. And I got very little writing done. That’s bad.

I spent yesterday evening with Kelle Belle itskels. It was so much fun. She is seriously hot. Like, HAWT. Honestly, she looked really pretty.

A bunch of us had dinner together at Max & Erma’s: Kelle Belle, her husband Al and daughter Ari, Chris, Aidan, Rob, and I. Kelle Belle had forgotten her glasses and could barely read the menu. That was comical. Good times, though.

Poor Aidan had another nightmare. :( He was screaming in terror “Daddy [insert indecipherable word here]!!!” I think something bad was happening to Chris in Aidan’s dream. Poor little guy. I hate when he has those things.

Speaking of Aidan, I found half a chicken strip and a French fry in my purse this morning. Ew.

I “got caught” at work the other day. Getting caught means that someone is acknowledging the fact that I did a good job or something like that. :D


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