Today is one of those days that I feel like writing a lot. And about anything and everything. So get ready.

To start off…



I had a busy week! That’s good but tiring too. And I got very little writing done. That’s bad.

I spent yesterday evening with Kelle Belle itskels. It was so much fun. She is seriously hot. Like, HAWT. Honestly, she looked really pretty.

A bunch of us had dinner together at Max & Erma’s: Kelle Belle, her husband Al and daughter Ari, Chris, Aidan, Rob, and I. Kelle Belle had forgotten her glasses and could barely read the menu. That was comical. Good times, though.

Poor Aidan had another nightmare. :( He was screaming in terror “Daddy [insert indecipherable word here]!!!” I think something bad was happening to Chris in Aidan’s dream. Poor little guy. I hate when he has those things.

Speaking of Aidan, I found half a chicken strip and a French fry in my purse this morning. Ew.

I “got caught” at work the other day. Getting caught means that someone is acknowledging the fact that I did a good job or something like that. :D

A visiting minister during the offertory prayer:

“Dear Lord,” he began with arms extended and a rapturous look on his upturned face, “Without you we are but dust…”

He would have continued, but at that moment one very obedient little girl (who was listening carefully for a change!) leaned over to her mother and quite audibly asked in her shrill little girl voice, “Mommy, WHAT is BUTT dust?”

Church was pretty much over at that point…

My eyes are still itching from time to time. Last night was the worst. I just wanted to get home and get to bed. Of course, I got stuck behind all the drivers who think driving below the speed limit is somehow okay. Ugh, that’s so annoying. Almost as annoying as the asshats who think going 95 MPH on I-270 and being a downright jerk about it is cool.

I got to bed at eleven, which is pretty early for me. Aidan was in the bed with us. He was so tired but he is terrified of sleeping alone anymore. Well, with those nightmares, can you blame him? I don’t mind when Aidan sleeps in the bed with me. He pats my cheek and it’s so cute. And I get to kiss him good-bye when I leave for work in the morning. I keep leaving lip gloss marks on him, though. I’d gotten spoiled by Lipfinity, so I sometimes forget that lip gloss leaves marks!

In seven days, I’ll be on the plane to Disneyworld. MICKEY MOUSE!

I hope I have money.

I hope my eyes are better so I can wear contacts instead of glasses.


Schedule for May:
May 3 – The Grove
May 4 – Small Group Reunion
May 5 – Dinner with Kelle Belle

May 7 – Visit Mommy, National Scrapbook Day, Craig’s birthday
May 8 – Mother’s Day
May 10 – Becky’s birthday
May 13-21 – DISNEYWORLD!
May 22 – STOMP
May 27-30 – Smoky Mountains


So, back on to other things. Especially HAPPY things. I woke up in an okay mood, but I let my mind get away from me as I was driving this morning and I ended up feeling really angry at a certain person. Again. Now I’m trying to channel that anger into something healthier.

So here goes. The list of HAPPY THINGS.

1. It’s FRIDAY.
2. It’s nice out!
3. I’m going to see Rob later. Not sure what we’ll be up to (probably spaghetti and a movie as usual, unless the gang is getting tired of that plan), and he can’t stay out late because he has to be up at 5:30am! On a Saturday. For work. Crazy.
4. Becky finishes up a week of very intense school stuff.

snippet: When you read your Gmail, look at the links over to the side. They go with the subjects of the email. Tell me that’s not creepy.

Those of you who don’t have Gmail and want it, hit me up. I can hook you up for real, yo. There’s also a new place that offers 1 gig of email called walla. Yippee.

Tomorrow is National Scrapbooking Day! I won’t be partaking in any festivities, though, cause we’re going to visit Mommy. But I get $50 to spend at Archivers for Mother’s Day. YAY. More scrapbooking stuff. Now… let’s hope that I actually get to work on them. SOON. One of them is time sensitive so yeah. I have to get going.

Sunday, the weather is supposed to be beautiful! FINALLY! Pretty weather on the weekend! I still don’t count on it fully breaking any time soon. This is Ohio. And apparently it’s still snowing a lot in Cleveland.

That’s not right at all.

I’m getting sleepy. And I feel bloated. I should stop eating Reese’s Pieces. They’re so good but they’re soooo bad for you. They have a lot of fat and sugar in them.

So… a bunch of us went to lunch at New Orleans, where they sell Creole and Cajun meals. Yum. I had Bourbon chicken and their delicious corn bread. Since there were six of us, lunch (including drinks) cost us each $4.75. Can you dig it?

After lunch, we went outside and watched the “Just Say No” parade. These two little girls came by and were saying, with incredible amounts of passion: “Don’t Smoke! Don’t Smoke!” It was so cute, bless their little hearts. The band was from East High School and they were AWESOME. I’d love to go and see them do a concert or something. They looked good, they sounded amazing. I was very impressed.

Poor Rob. Having to suffer through his class. He texts me every Friday with some message of doom because he’s going out of his mind.

I’m restless. I spent a bit of time outside and I want to go back. My skin smells really good after I’ve been out in the sun for just a little while.

I think my right middle finger—the knuckles have been cracked a few too many times. It’s achy and feels like it needs to be cracked again, but it won’t do it. Boo.

Okay, this is really weird. I hadn’t said anything to anyone about leaving work early (I don’t think?) and Chris called and asked if I were leaving early. Then boss #2 came to my desk and seemed surprised that I was still here. Then he told me to go. But I can’t because I report to boss #1 who doesn’t like for me to leave early.

If I can’t find another job, I want to report only to boss #2 someday. He’s wicked cool.

So yeah. Wrapping up for now. Later!

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