Day: May 12, 2005


– underwear
– bathing suit
– hair curlers
– hair dryer
– new clothes
– socks
– deordorant
– toothbrush
– toothpaste
– contact solution
– flip flops
– tank tops
– camis
– pillow
– contacts
– urling iron

– some Princess Diaries books
– writing notebook
– a small purse w/wallet and everything
– journal
– pens
– extra film and batteries
– teddy bear
– pair of underwear
– deodorant
– medicine
– cell phone
– iPod
– glasses case
– Pandernoodle

– laptop (duh!)
– cameras
– memory cards
– cables and cords (phone cord, hookup for cam to computer, cell phone charger, camera battery charger, etc.)

And that is all. I think. ;)

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Last night in Ohio for a while…

I’m sitting here, having a nice chat with Tyler, and totally putting off packing for Disney. It’ll be easy, I know what I need to do. I just need to actually do it.

And go to the store too:

– diapers
– film
– batteries
– memory stick (maybe?)
– sandals for Aidan
– deordorant for Chris
– sunscreen (for SURE!)

I won’t get very excited until tomorrow, when I’m in the airport. I mean, I’m excited, but not like I’ll miss sleep or anything.

Of course, I am very, very sleep deprived…

I got caught at work again. :) And today was my last day for ten days! YAY!

Fun fun fun.

Things to do tonight:

– PACK (!!!)
– go to the store
– memory stick dump
– burn dump to CD(s)
– bathe (so I can sleep later in the morning!)

Our flight leaves around noonish and we should be in Magic Kingdom by 3ish! :D Tomorrow night this time, I’ll be THISCLOSE to Mickey Mouse!

Bwah Ha ha!

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Nipped from _benedicte!

It would be so nice to see how you all look like (I know I’ve seen plenty of pictures of some of you, and some of you I know “in real life,” but feel free to join in anyway!), so if you have a photo or two of yourself, please post it here.

Also, if you have a sound file of your voice, post a link please. I really want to hear how some of you sound and speak.

Thank you! :)

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