Hola! Yet another fun day at Disneyworld!

Today, we hit Disney MGM Studios. We did a little bit of shopping before heading towards the back. With really no plan in mind, we did whatever struck our fancies. The first thing was the Animation Studio. We watched a cute little show about how Mushu (from Mulan) was created, then Aidan and I met The Incredibles! :D

I got an ice cream bar after that, and we wandered to the Movie Ride. What a neat ride. While waiting, they show previews of several movies on a huge screen. I really want to see Footlight Parade now, and I think I’ll have Chris rent it when we get back home.

After the movie ride, we headed back to the Backlot Tour, but got caught up in some character greetings along the way! There was Jo Jo (who loved Aidan’s hair) and Goliath from Jo Jo’s Circus (Aidan was THRILLED times nine!), Donald Duck (who loved Aidan’s hair), and Fantasia Mickey Mouse! Last time I was here, the only way I got to meet Mickey was during a character meal, and this year, I got to meet him THREE times. And it’s only Monday!! :D

We grabbed some lunch, then watched Muppetvision 3D. I love Disney’s 3D shows. The Muppets are crazy. As we were rounding the corner to the Backlot Tour, we ran into the guys from Toy Story! YEA!

Then there was the Star Wars Tours ride. Chris and I had to do the parent/baby switch off thing because Aidan isn’t 40 inches yet. A man gave him a card that said “Future Rider” on it. While Chris was riding and I was in line, I met this funny girl named Alyvia. We acted silly throughout the entire ride! :D

We finally went on the Backlot Tour, and Catastrophe Canyon was great as usual, but they took down the Golden Girls house which disappointed Chris and me greatly. But it was okay nevertheless.

After the Tour, we made our way to the front of the park. Chris and Aidan were getting cranky and I was getting really tired. We went and picked up the Mouse Ears hat we had personalized for Aidan…

…and noted that people were settling on the curbs. Oh darn, we were just in time for a PARADE! Oh fun. We sat right in the sun, and got to see so many fun characters. I got lots of kisses blown to me from Donald and Mickey! :D Mary Poppins was in the parade, and Alice (in Wonderland) and DARTH VADER! I can’t even begin to describe it, but it was so great to see so many characters. A Power Ranger and Alice came right up to Aidan. So did Zoe from Rolli Poly Olli!! :D Aidan had a blast during the parade!

On our way back to the room, Aidan fell asleep on Chris. We came back to the room and everyone crashed. We’d planned on going to Downtown Disney, but decided against it. By the time I woke up, it was pretty late, so we decided to eat dinner here and take it easy. Much needed.

Tomorrow should be another fun day. I think we’re planning on hitting Magic Kingdom again! Mickey’s Toontown (yay, Aidan can see Goofy, or FOOKY as he calls him, again!) and then, I’m not sure what else.

Things I’ve Learned:
– Magic Kingdom’s fireworks are better than Epcot’s.
– Disney Villians are not nice and don’t like for you to take their pictures! ;)
– The Muppets are insane.
– As soon as I’m off the bus, I am overcome with an overwhelming desire to speak in a British accent. I always succumb.

The Few Minuses:
– Our neighbors go on the balcony and smoke. The smoke drifts directly into our room. I can smell it now. Gross. :(
– Our bathroom is a handicap bathroom. Hence the weird shower set up.
– We’re in the All-Star Movies, so we’re always the last ones to be dropped off when coming home from the parks (unless we’re on an exclusive All-Star Movies bus).
– Sometimes THREE Blizzard Beach buses come in a row and no Epcot bus forever.
– Dial-up Internet. Boo!

I’m pretty sleepy right now, and I have a sore throat. I refuse to get full on sick, though. I am not wasting my vacation lying around in bed!!

So good night, all.

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