I’m in the room relaxing a bit. We were supposed to go to Downtown Disney, but seeing as Chris and Aidan have just crashed, I don’t know if that will happen tonight or not.

Had a great time today. Went to Magic Kingdom. I got to meet Pinnochio!

That was really cool! Mickey Mouse (in the tux) was in Town Square, so I met him too. We went to the back to Toontown Fair (stopping at the Cinderellabration again–Chris is obsessed with it), and tried to ride the Barnstormer. The first guy said Aidan was tall enough, but the ladies up top said no. Chris raised sort of a stink, so they gave us a priority pass onto any other ride in the park! So, I went through on the Barnstormer, and then we headed to Mickey’s house. At the end of Mickey’s house was guess who! Mickey Mouse! :D That makes FIVE Mickey Mouses so far that we’ve met!!!! :D (Last time, it took a character meal for me to meet one!)

After Mickey’s house, we went to the Big Tent, and I got to meet some Princesses! Highlight Number One of my day! :D There was Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White! Sleeping Beauty and Snow White told me that I was pretty! :D Snow White gave Aidan a big smooch, and now he has a big red lip mark on his cheek.

We then caught the train to the front of the park. I got off (leaving the boys behind) and headed to the monorail, for I was headed to the Grand Floridian for a Swedish massage! Chris surprised me with it. Oh wow, it was divine. I fell asleep countless times during it. It felt so good. Mmmm. I love massages. Highlight #2 of my day! :D Simply glorious, I’ll tell you. The Grand Floridian Resort is beautiful. I totally want to stay there someday.

After my massage, I caught the monorail back to Magic Kingdom. Haha. I was excited to get on the ghetto one again. Most of them say “PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF THE DOORS” or something like tha tin English then in Spanish just before the doors close. This one says “Please. [silence] Please.” Then the doors close and off we go. We got that one before, and I was so happy to get it again. It’s a lot funnier than it sounds, trust me.

I got to Magic Kingdom just in time to catch almost the entire Share a Dream Come True Parade. Prime seating too, right up front. :D Finally met up with Chris and Aidan afte the parade and headed back to the back. I think another Cinderellabration may have been happening. I’m not sure. We ate at that yummy cafe again (Starlight Cafe?), and then we rode the Peter Pan ride (bypassed a 50 minute line thanks to our priority pass), and then Haunted Mansion. Then we walked back to Frontierland. Let Aidan meet Woody and Jesse from Toy Story, and then I was in pursuit of Jasmine and Aladdin. We found them by the Swiss Family Tree House (okay, so all I had to do was look at the Times Guide & New Information Sheet to find them). Highlight #3 of my day! :D

Aidan was about at his wit’s end by now, but just as we were heading out, we saw some ducks that were freaking out. It was too funny. And Chris noted another Cinderellabration starting. I got way up front this time.

More awesome pictures soon. :D

So yeah, the boys are snoring on the bed beside me. I think that defintely means no Downtown Disney tonight. :( Maybe tomorrow, eh? Although there is MGM. Aidan’s going to watch Playhouse Disney! YAY for that.

Good Things:
+ Meeting lots of characters.
+ Weather that isn’t too unbearable.
+ Swedish massages.
+ The Grand Floridian.
+ The Disney Monorail System.
+ Hitchhiking ghosts.
+ Practically walking on to any ride in the park.

Bad Things:
– My nose is still running.
– I have FOUR bug bites.
– A blood vessel burst in my eye.
– Davis Men falling asleep before 8pm! What is up with that??
– The threat of thunderstorms.

Restaurant Review:
Crystal Palace – 3.5 stars
Starlight Cafe – 3.5 stars
The Pizza Place in MGM – 1 star
The Garden Grill – 400 stars
The Electric Umbrella – negative 99 stars

Meh. More soon. :D

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