This morning, we got to Disney/MGM Studios about 920ish. We were there to see Playhouse Disney. Aidan was in a bumbly mood, and it wasn’t until after Playhouse Disney that we realized that he was probably hungry. With stops to visit characters in betweeen (I met Stitch!)…

…we found a place to eat. Little birdies were hopping all around and we fed them. Aidan chased them. He was in an okay mood then. Ran into more characters. Rafiki was there, but while we were in line, Rafiki went away and Eeyore came out. I was a bit disappointed. We’d met Eeyore twice already. But he came up to me and gave me a really long hug which was so special. And he and Aidan played forever. It was so cute! :) So it was okay.

We watched Voyage of The Little Mermaid, and do you know that dang show made me get choked up? Just like the movie. Darn it. It was pretty good. After VOTLM, I got my chance to meet Rafiki! Aidan was in a horrible mood by now, but he got happier once he saw Rafiki:

We made our way over to the Indiana Jones show. Chris was deadset on seeing that. It really was cool. Chris and Aidan got their picture with the stunt double people afterwards.

We tried to go to the Drew Carey Sounds Dangerous show but Aidan was not having it at ALL. Even playing with the stuff in the lobby was not making him happy. We finally had to leave. On the way out, we strolled past the 50s Prime Time Cafe. Now, I’d heard wonderful things about this place and expected a huge wait. But guess what? We practically walked right in. I had fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Aidan’s mood lightened a lot once he ate. :)

The food there was great, and you really do feel like you’re at home!

Headed back to the hotel for a nap while Aidan and Chris went swimming. Then we went to Downtown Disney! Shopped like crazy, and then had dinner at Planet Hollywood.

Shopped a bit more, then came back. I got my shower tonight because we have to be up early tomorrow for breakfast at Chef Mickey’s! YAY!! G’night!

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