Day: May 25, 2005


I sent Chris to the store to pick up a few things. One of them was a box of Optimum Care Conditioning No-Lye Relaxer. It was the last thing on the conveyer belt for Chris’s order.

Cashier (who was black): HOLD UP, IS THIS YOURS?
Chris (laughing): It’s my wife’s!

(Lots of Laughter)

Cashier: I had to ask, I thought it was (gestures to black people in line behind Chris) theirs.


Speaking of race-related stuff, have you guys heard of the whole yearbook incident? They put “BLACK GIRL” as the caption? WTH?


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Last night, I managed to get quite a bit done. Relatively speaking, anyway.

Even though my mom is coming down to visit me and I should have been making the house spic and span, I decided to revise my query letter and also scribble out a few more notes for my next novel. I also tweaked my synopsis a bit.

Indeed, I was a lot busier than normal with my writing last night.

It was a challenge too, what with Star Wars Episode I BLARING in the background (thanks a lot, Chris) and Aidan wanting attention at random times throughout the evening.

I feel excited, though. I’m ready to keep pressing on in this journey.

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