Day: June 2, 2005




In other news… is anyone else’s AIM acting up? It booted me out a while ago and it won’t let me back in. I’ve also noticed people getting kicked on and off like crazy. If you want to contact me, Yahoo! me. Email me (lilrongalATaolDOTcome) with your Yahoo! name and I’ll hook you up with mine. Woohoo.

Okay then, laters.

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Ultimate Trip/Holiday Meme

I made this meme up. Just because. :) Participate if you’d like!

Trip/Holiday #1:

Disneyworld (as if you had any doubt?)
– 14 Days Minimum
– Contemporary or Polynesian resort
– Character meals at least 7 of the 14 days (Chef Mickey’s, Garden Grill, Crystal Palace, that restaurant in Norway where you get to meet all the princesses…)
– Short or no queues for all attractions and rides
– Characters galore!
– No crowds
– Quality time in all parks, especially Magic Kingdom & Epcot
– Lion King Festival
– Beauty and the Beast
– I’d get to meet these characters: Beast, Daisy Duck, and Jiminy Cricket
– Phantasmic
– special treats just because :)
– pleasant weather (75-85 F, sunny, breezy)
– Hidden Mickey Hunt!!!!
– Test Track 5 times
– Big Thunder Mountain RR 5 times (at least)
– ALL parades :D

Las Vegas
– 5 Days
– Bellagio or MGM Grand
– Forum Shops
– Bellagio Shops
– Win Megabucks
– Palms (one night)
– Limo

So, that’s all I can think of for now. Cause I’m a dork. :D Later!

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I got home yesterday evening and slept. First, I stopped at the library and turned in a boatload of books, then I went home and slept! :) Quite nice. I slept until about 11ish, then I used the bathroom, and went back to sleep. Got up at around 3:45am, took a shower, got on the computer, and chatted with Aimzy liesandpromises until 5ish. Then I went back to sleep, and got up at my regular time of 6:40am.

Taking those naps call for weird dreams. I remember having a long one about Tyler, one about getting a special/grill order at some fast food restaurant, and one where I was home and something like a tsumani was coming to wash the house away–only the tsunami ended up receeding and there was the regular yard again.

My email is all caught up! How thrilling is that? I mean, there is nothing in my inbox. :) or :( depending on how you look at it.

A guy at work randomly gave me a Bellagio note pad. Last week, he’d given me a Bellagio pen. It’s little and gold and cute. He also gave me some Vegas pamphlets. Maybe I need to go there again. Or Disneyworld. I REALLY want to go to Disneyworld again. Like NOW. Or actually, not until the off-season comes up again. Like Mayish again. But even earlier May than we went this year. I really want to be there when it’s even less busy than it was for us. :D

I should clean tonight. I really should. But do you think I will? Not likely. I mean, I’m going to dump all the trash and do some cleaning, but as far as heavy-duty? Yeah, I doubt it.

And I have to do my hair before the weekend is out. It looks like crap.

I am broke. B-R-O-K-E. Payday can’t get here quickly enough.

‘Til later…

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