I can’t stay off of the Disneyworld website pretending to book trips for September!

Chris, Aidan, and I can go for under $2,000 including airfare.

Why can’t I be a millionaire? Or even better, a billionaire???

I guess I’ll have to get to work on my writing. Then I can make loads of money and go to Disney every 3-4 months. How sweet would that be?

Or… or maybe I can go alone! Yeah! I go alone for a weekend, I stay in one of the value resorts, eat sparingly, and try to control the shopping–it’ll cost me around $750.

Hey, a girl can dream! :D

But it might not be as much fun to go alone. I wish I had a girlfriend to go with. That would be awesome. But she’d have to be as much of a Disney lover and child at heart as I am. :)

Maybe one day I’ll just live there and get the annual pass. Then I can go any ole time I feel like it.

Signing off for now.

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