So, I didn’t get to bed until nearly 5am (thank a lot liesandpromises!!)

Just kidding, Amy. You know I love it when you keep me up all night on AIM! :)

I didn’t make it to church again (I haven’t been in a LONG time, and truthfully, I don’t miss it much–just the people…). I slept until after one. Chris got home with Aidan and they went to Chad & Christy’s. I got invited over, of course. I slept a few more minutes, then finally dragged myself out of bed because it was too warm in our non-airconditioned house. On my way out, I checked my AIM and Becky (magecky413) had left me a message. YAY Becky! So we got together at Chad & Christy’s to work on a special surprise for a certain someone who will remain nameless for the time being. She left and then Rob came over. YAY Rob!! We ate pizza and hung out.

I watched three movies while I was there–Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., and Meet the Parents. We also watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition (I LOVE when they send them to Disneyworld!), Family Guy, and American Dad. I watched a LOT of TV today which is not normal for me at all. I usually go days in between turning on the set anymore. If I do watch it, it’s at someone’s house or because someone else turned it on here. Meep.

So, I got a little progress done on the surprise, and I got to spend time with my Booba, who I was missing terribly!!! I mean, you have no idea how much I missed him. He smells soooo good. Mmmm, Aidan. :) He’s sleeping here tonight (I go Mommy bed!) because it’s too hot in his room and I just like to have him in here with me. So right now, it’s me, Chris, Aidan, three Mickey Mouses, Goofy, and Pandernoodle. I’m sure Lucy will join us soon.

And Praise the Lord, we’ll be getting our AC installed soon! All the parts are here, it just needs to be hooked up. I can’t wait. If I’m hot, everyone else must be dying. It takes a lot for me to get hot!

I am so ready to have a clean home. Everytime I go to Emily S’s place, I marvel at how neat it is. First thing. When I get paid, I’ll pay all my bills. Then I’m going to Target and buying lots of those rubbermaid bins and putting tons of Aidan’s toys away. That will help a lot. Then I’m going to tackle one room at a time. First room will be the dining room, I think. Getting Aidan’s toys all organized. Then the living room. Just to give you an idea of how sad that room is: I still have not put away all of my Christmas presents. Yeah, it’s like that. Then, I’ll tackle the family room. That one will be a pain because I’m going to need Chris to put some of his stuff away ASAP. Then I’ll do the upstairs. The loft won’t be so bad. The hard room will be the master bedroom because I am a slob. There are clothes everywhere, toiletries everywhere, BOOKS all over the place. I think I am going to buy a bookcase to put in here OR move the one from the guestroom to in here. It’s getting no use in there and I have a million books in here that need a home. Those 4 shelf cases are cheap too, so I can maybe pick up a couple. This is going to be a slow process because we are on a STRICT budget for the next couple of months and I have to get a couple of credit cards taken care of!! But the house is driving me MAD and I just want to come home to a nice, clean living space instead of clutter and mail and junk everywhere.

I don’t care what Chris says, there are some aspects of Feng Shui that are true, and the one about living in clutter causes stress is definitely the case for me!

‘Til later!

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