Woke up in a pretty good mood today. Despite the lack of AC, it ended up being pretty comfy (for me). I actually had to get under the blanket. I am not too tired which is a miracle because I went to bed pretty late last night.

I like giving Aidan kisses before I leave for work in the morning. He has the best little cheeks ever.

I’m very glad the storms that were surrounding my county never actually hit. On the way home from Chad & Christy’s, there was lightening everywhere. Thank God it went away. I thought for sure we were going to get hammered.

I don’t understand how people can love thunderstorms! They frighten me!

So maybe I can start cleaning the house tonight? If I write checks at Target, they shouldn’t clear ’til Wednesday. By then I’ll be paid! :) Or maybe I can find bins somewhere else cheaper. Although I am NOT going to Walmart. I hate that store. I like the prices, but not the crowds. Or I could just go to Meijer, it is a lot closer. Yeah, I’ll probably just do that.

Rob, if you want to stop by, you’re more than welcome! :D We’ll make you dinner. :)

I really want to set up a home office in the living room once we get everything cleaned up. I think it’ll be awesome for me to work in there. We don’t use the room for anything, I may as well put it to use. I’ll set up a desk with my laptop, a bookshelf with all of my writing books, and I’ll put a filing cabinet in there. We DESPERATELY need a filing cabinet. So that’s my goal. Probably won’t come to fruition for a while, as I have to save up for a desk (unless I am lucky enough to inherit Tyler’s glass desk when he moves to Denver) and um… actually CLEAN the darn room! :)

Summer is definitely here. I love the hot temps, but the humidity is downright gross. I felt so sticky after dancing at the wedding reception (which was outside). I was sweaty in no time. It was fun, though. Worth it, for sure.

And randomly…

//5 things you are wearing right now:
– Express Editor pant.
– Combo blue sweater vest/blouse.
– Bra
– Underwear
– Mickey Mouse watch (always!)

//5 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
– Pizza
– Ho-ho
– Potato chips
– Fruity Pebbles
– ….

//5 things you’ve done so far today:
– Read LJ
– Commented on LJs
– Checked email
– Drove
– Listened to the radio

//5 things you can hear right now:
– Anna Nalick
– People talking
– My typing
– …..
– …..

//5 things you do when your bored:
– Go online
– Read
– Play Boggle
– Sleep
– Shop

//5 places to go in your area
– Easton Town Center
– Polaris Fashion Place
– Chad & Christy’s house
– …..
– …..

//4 people who never fail to cheer you up
– Aimzy liesandpromises
– Aidan
– Rob
– …..
– …..

//4 things you can’t live without
– God
– My dreams / hope
– Aidan
– My friends

//6 things you love
– My friends
– Writing
– Photography
– Disneyworld
– Shopping

//4 of your favorite movies
– Firestarter
– Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
– Superstar
– Meet The Fockers

//5 favorite songs
– Anywhere Is (Enya)
– Airwave (Rank 1)
– …..
– …..
– …..

I’m listening to music from the 90s. Tony! Toni! Tone! Bobby Brown. Paula Abdul. Sweet Sensation. NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK!! Good times. :)

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