Day: June 8, 2005

Rambling, venting, all-over-the-place entry ahead. Proceed with caution.

Finished cleaning the family room last night. With the exception of the carpet (which needs to be steam cleaned), the family room is DONE! :) YAY! That room was giving me the most fits.

The kitchen WAS clean, but then Chris cooked. :

So here is the rundown:

Family Room
Dining Room/Playroom
Living Room
Rose Bathroom

Guest Bedroom
Aidan’s Room
Master Bedroom
Aidan’s/Guest Bathroom
Master Bathroom
Litter Boxes

The hardest rooms will be the master bedroom and bathroom, the loft, and of course, the kitchen.

Air conditioner hookup has begun! Eric stopped by last night and he and Chris got started, and now it’s set. Eric also cracked a lot of bad jokes. Not naughty bad, but “don’t quit your day job” bad. :) Now there are long pipes sticking out of the back of our house. So exciting. We should have AC by this weekend.

And the temperature will probably drop by then, knowing our luck. But at least we’ll have it.

The house is getting PRIMED for Game Night 2005! YEA!!!! :D

Craig came by last night and we fed him. There was BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy and corn. Aidan had mac & cheese. Yummy.


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