Mmm, now that I’m all fresh and clean (and starving!) I can think more clearly.

I really do feel like there are two of me anymore. The me who is starting to get fed up with certain things and is vowing to take steps, but the old me. And that’s confusing when I don’t even know who I am or who I want to be.

I guess I’m just dealing with a lot, which really isn’t that much. I really am more cheerful now because the house is coming together. Clutter is horrible, it closes in on me and makes me feel suffocated. Which in turn makes me feel stressed and cramped and cranky. So now that there are open spaces again, I feel better. I know some of my entries haven’t reflected that, but you know.

So yes. The master bedroom and bathroom are clean! Aidan’s room is clean! I moved the bookshelf from the guestroom into the master bedroom, and now all the books that are residing in my room have a home instead of being stacked on the floor. I can keep my library books together so I wont have to worry about losing any. I even cleaned out my bags and purses! All of them!! I made the bed, put away some of my laundry. Wheeeee!

Then I took a shower. Now I smell yummy.

So, the time sensitive thing for a certain someone MAY be even MORE time sensitive and crucial now.

THAT SUCKS! On lots of levels! But I’ll deal.

Hmm. I’m reading this book called “Life In The Fat Lane” by Cherie Bennett. Everyone who sees me reading it and cares enough asks me why I’m reading a book about fat people. Then the hinting at eating disorders remarks come. If only they knew…

Speaking of eating. I’m starving. So I should go and do that. Later…

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