The people-pleasing Ronni is gone.
She should have never existed.
It’s time for a healthy, empowered, dream-chasing, assertive Ronni to come to light.
One who won’t take crap from people.
One who will stand up for herself.
One who will no longer try to get people to like her by not being who she truly is.
One who will no longer pretend.
One who will no longer have time for those who treat her as if she’s “better than nothing” or a nice backup plan.

Maybe you won’t like the new Ronni.
Too bad.

Deal with it or go away.

This does not mean I’m going to turn into a total bitch. But no longer will I go out of my way to impress those who couldn’t care less about me.
No longer will I keep quiet to appease others. I’m tired of people thinking they can interrupt me when I’m talking, knocking my ideas without giving them a fair shot, shoot down my choices because I’m not behaving in the way THEY think I should, or making the choices they think I should be making. I’m tired of being controlled and treated like a child.

It’s time I start standing up for myself.

My counselor once said to me “Don’t let anyone treat you in a way you wouldn’t want Aidan to be treated.”

It’s time to take her guidance to heart.


This was not directed at any particular person or group of people. But if you found yourself getting defensive, maybe there is a good reason why, perhaps having nothing at all to do with me. It’s just time that I grew up.

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