After some weird entries, it’s time for a more Ronni-like entry, yes?

My Friday was pretty good. My boss has me working on a Power Point which is fun, fun fun. Creativity is always a happy thing for me. The day went pretty quickly. Traffic was GOOD for once! I mean, wow.

I got Aidan then went to the chiropractor. That’s where the hold up started. I was there for 40 minutes because she decided to adjust a million people before going over my X-rays with me. That kind of irritated me. So, I’m down to once a week, but I think that once my tractioning is over, I’m going to discontinue. The cost is significantly reduced, but I need to pay that credit card off and I HATE driving out there in the traffic and rush hour! I did have my evalation and that reverse curve in my neck is almost fixed. Yay.

Threw a little something-something for Tyler’s birthday. It was like a typical Friday Night (TM) but with a few more people and more sweets. Here’s the birthday boy himself (with his new sweet camera):

Apparently, the party was too boring for Becky:

Just kidding. She’s used to a 9:30pm bedtime these days, so she was pretty conked out.

A close up of Brian.

We had spaghetti and watched Momento. What a weird movie. Great writing and cinematography, though.

So now it’s Saturday and I have no plans. I need to get an oil change, but I think I will wait til next payday for that. The bills are kicking my a$$ and I also got stuff at Meijer. So now I guess I’ll start to clean my contribution to the mess in my bedroom. And be amused that Aidan is putting on moon boots when it’s really bloody hot outside! Then I think I’ll work on some computer and non-computer projects. Yippee. :)

See ya later!

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