Day: June 19, 2005

Not Your Typical Sunday (Pictures)

Today, we went to Kings Island. Chris’s company picnic was there, and it cost us NOTHING! They covered parking, admission, and lunch. I didn’t ride anything really cool at all. Last year, we were able to take Aidan on all kinds of “grown-up” rides. This year, EVERYTHING had new height requirements. Everything that Aidan was allowed to ride last year? No go this year. What a disappointment. I wanted to ride The Italian Job Stunt Track, but the line was monstrous and I was cranky by the time we found it. We only stayed about four hours. I got a bit of sun.

However, we did get some good character greets in! I LOVE character greets! Check these out:

Scooby Doo! :)

Dora The Explorer!
(Aidan LOVES Dora)

It’s Blue from Blue’s Clues. So cute!

Little Bill!

I have tons more–I’ll have to make an album. So, the character greets were fun, but the rides were a huge disappointment. I guess we’ll go back in two years when Aidan is 36 inches tall. I mean, you check the requirements on their site and basically, he’s just shy of riding almost every single thing, even the kiddie rides. :(

I slept on the ride home and then Chris slept when we got home. Aidan played quietly, and I made him noodles for dinner. I got a lot of writing done and got organized for tomorrow. I had lots of spaghetti for dinner.

It was a good evening.

I am FINALLY doing my Memory Stick Dump. I take them all and dump the files into a folder and burn it to a CD. Only then do I feel safe deleting the pictures and videos from the Memory Sticks.

And somehow I ended up with tons of free credits from Snapfish, so I’m sending in five rolls of film to be developed this week! I’m excited. Some of those rolls are old, and lots of them are from Disneyworld and such. :) I’ll probably be editing (I know that’s not the right word) the online albums I sneak previewed last week. I know I’m going to have lots of pictures to add. YAY.

But in the meantime…time for me to have a bit of cookie dough then head to bed. G’night! :D

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HeeeHee! :)

1. Take the quiz: “Are You a Disney World Freak?”

You are pathetic! Not. You are a freak.
That is awsome that you know as much as you do about Disney. You could walk around the them parks, know where you are going and be the best tour guide. You are truelly awsome and that is great to know that you are a Disney Geek….awsome!

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You Just Think All Black Cats Look Alike! (Pictures)

What started out as kind of a stressful day ended up being pretty okay. :)

Firstly, my desktop computer was acting up which freaked me the heck out. I knew I had my laptop, but I wanted my desktop to be functional as well. I finally did a cold reboot and ran virus scan and ad-aware and it’s doing fine. Found one infected file and 60 new pieces of spyware. That’s amazing considering I don’t use that computer nearly as often as this one!

I’m glad Kelle Belle (itskels) let me rant and rave to her on AIM while I was troubleshooting. :D She’s great. And funny, too. Whee.

So, that disaster resolved. I went to work on the finances. Yeah, thinking of that makes my stomach hurt. But there is hope. More on that later.

I got to talk to Aimzy (liesandpromises) online even though it was all my griping. She’s soooo totally amazing and cool, though. Why must she live all the way in California?

Went to my sister-in-law’s baby shower. Everyone is so excited because Kelly is carrying the first Davis girl to be spawned in years and years. Look how pretty she looks:

It was a nice party. I have so much fun with her. :) I’ve always thought of her as a sister, actually. :) I remember crying at her wedding and going “Hi, Sis.” She said “STOP CRYING OR YOU’LL MAKE ME CRY TOO!” Gotta love that.

Afterwards, we came back home. I read a bit, then chatted online with Rob. He made plans to join me at the party I was invited to for tonight. That made me happy. Then the phone rang. It was a Christian debt counselor. How ironic that I’d been freaking out over money/finances earlier that afternoon, and this lady calls? I knew we’d been referred to her, but I was beginning to think we’d never hear from her. Maybe God is listening and actually talking to me now. So we made an appointment to see her next Saturday afternoon (must remember to write it down in my planner). After I got off the phone with her, I worked on the special surprise for that certain someone. A bit after 8, I headed over to Chad and Christy’s to PARTAY to celebrate the 9 million June birthdays in our large circle of friends/fellow church-goers/family members/more! (Kim, Tina, Tyler – he wasn’t there but he does have a June birthday too-, Abbie, Nicki, Amy, Robbie, Chris, and lots more!) Here are a few pictures:

Christy, Laurie, and Jenny

Abbie (one of the birthday girls), looking like she belongs in a magazine or something. Real Simple, me thinks.

This is me after smoking an Ohm, having 1/4 of a Jello shot (made with Everclear!), and a green apple Smirnoff.
(I am such a lightweight, I know!)

My favorite quote of the night came from Chad Sr:

“You just think all black cats look alike.”

Hmm, let’s see. One guy got his head shaved, Aidan was the LIFE of the party times nine, cartwheels were being done on the grass, and LOTS of picture taking. They had two of the BIGGEST pizzas I’d ever seen!!! $20 each, and they were…omg, I should have taken a picture of the boxes. Unreal. But so yummy. Lots of other yummy stuff to eat too. And of course, the people helped make it great. It was so good to see my friends again (it had been awhile, what with me missing/skipping church and The Grove), especially Abbie and Robbie and so on. :)

I’m reading a book called Pop Princess by Rachel Cohn. Very addicting and edgy. I like it. I’d been wanting to read it for a while and it just happened to be in the library Friday when I was browsing. I was pretty stoked to see it on the shelf–I grabbed it right away.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love going to the library? Or bookstores? Being surrounded by books is almost like magic for me.

Speaking of magic… DISNEY! My other favorite subject. I downloaded some Monorail sound clips. PLEASE STAND CLEAR OF THE DOORS! Yes, it excites me. Especially when I stop media player right after the “Please” to mimic the ones we rode that were malfunctioning. (The announcements, not the actual monorail). Ah, such fond memories.

Got to hang with Jennifer on Friday night. It had been a while since I’d seen her. SHE IS SO FUNNY. I love being with her. She brings out this goofy side of me and she has such a great laugh. I feel completely relaxed and at ease around her. That doesn’t happen with me and too many people. She’s a special one. I heart Jennifer.

I got glomped by dwagonfry!!! :D YAY! That made my weekend! Wheeee!

I think I’m going to read now. I want to lose myself in this book; it’s amazing. Plus, we’re going to Kings Island. I hope it’s not too crowded or more importantly, cold. It should be fun to take Aidan. He’s older now and can choose rides. Too bad Tina and Craig won’t be joining us this year–they were fun last year. Tina is great to take to amusement parks because she gets so much joy out of the smallest things. Well, there is always the fair. I’m going at least three times, as I do each year. (Provided I have money!)

Once with Kelle Belle (itskels), once with Chris and Aidan and hopefully Tina and Craig too, and once with Becky and whomever else we invite. I’ll try to spread my food consumption out over the three times. For sure I’m having:

– deep fried Twinkie w/powedered sugar and strawberry topping
– corn dog
– french fries
– philly cheese steak sammich
– roasted corn
– pizza

And I want to ride:

– Wave Swinger
– Scrambler
– Tilt-A-Whirl

Okay, that’s months away, so I will not think about it and get myself all excited yet. :D It’s just that I LOVE the Ohio State Fair! And the 2005 concert lineup is awesome this year!!! Ooh August 3rd, August 3rd…. :D

Bed time. I’m all excited now but yeah. G’night!

PS You have to see this. SO FUNNY:

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