Today, we went to Kings Island. Chris’s company picnic was there, and it cost us NOTHING! They covered parking, admission, and lunch. I didn’t ride anything really cool at all. Last year, we were able to take Aidan on all kinds of “grown-up” rides. This year, EVERYTHING had new height requirements. Everything that Aidan was allowed to ride last year? No go this year. What a disappointment. I wanted to ride The Italian Job Stunt Track, but the line was monstrous and I was cranky by the time we found it. We only stayed about four hours. I got a bit of sun.

However, we did get some good character greets in! I LOVE character greets! Check these out:

Scooby Doo! :)

Dora The Explorer!
(Aidan LOVES Dora)

It’s Blue from Blue’s Clues. So cute!

Little Bill!

I have tons more–I’ll have to make an album. So, the character greets were fun, but the rides were a huge disappointment. I guess we’ll go back in two years when Aidan is 36 inches tall. I mean, you check the requirements on their site and basically, he’s just shy of riding almost every single thing, even the kiddie rides. :(

I slept on the ride home and then Chris slept when we got home. Aidan played quietly, and I made him noodles for dinner. I got a lot of writing done and got organized for tomorrow. I had lots of spaghetti for dinner.

It was a good evening.

I am FINALLY doing my Memory Stick Dump. I take them all and dump the files into a folder and burn it to a CD. Only then do I feel safe deleting the pictures and videos from the Memory Sticks.

And somehow I ended up with tons of free credits from Snapfish, so I’m sending in five rolls of film to be developed this week! I’m excited. Some of those rolls are old, and lots of them are from Disneyworld and such. :) I’ll probably be editing (I know that’s not the right word) the online albums I sneak previewed last week. I know I’m going to have lots of pictures to add. YAY.

But in the meantime…time for me to have a bit of cookie dough then head to bed. G’night! :D

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