So, I tried to plan a suprise birthday party for Chris, whose birthday is Monday, June 27th. I sent out an email on Monday and let people know and asked them to stop by, but letting me know if they couldn’t come. I was quite busy for the next couple of days, so I didn’t get much done. Thursday night, I went out and bought stuff, then hid it strategically around the house. Heehee. He had no idea, except for me asking him to take off work an hour early. Mmm yeah, about that.

So I found out he’d be home around 730ish. I figured I’d have time to take care of things. OH NO. This fool left work at 6pm and got home BEFORE any of the guests got there. I was frosting the cupcakes. I’d been rushing around all evening trying to clean the house (luckily, there wasn’t a whole lot to do, but enough!), and Aidan wanted lots of attention for some reason. I got a little bit stressed out. But I calmed down when Chris got home. He started getting suspicious because of the cupcakes and the extra ice cream in the freezer. Then Aidan found his birthday presents and started to open them. Bob and David showed up and Chris was confused. Then he started to get it.

I forgot to take pictures, but it was fun seeing Bob and David, Lauren and her daughter, Lauren’s sister Holly, Rob (yay!), Craig, Chad and Christy, Katie, and Corey. :) I also go to see David, Craig, Lauren and baby Ellie, and Bob at Cici’s pizza Thursday night. I’d forgotten my camera, too bad I didn’t get a picture of Bob’s MOUND OF PIZZA.

We had spaghetti, ice cream, cupcakes, then Chris watched his presents: Alice in Wonderland and Golden Girls Season Two on DVD. Bwah.

So he was still surprised, but it wasn’t as dramatic as I’d hoped. That’s okay, though. He was happy anyway and he likes his presents. :D

Dude, I just took another Lortab and I’m finally feeling good. Mmmmmm. Those pills make having cramps worth it.

Hmm. Got some work done on the Disney album. Still waiting on some pictures from Snapfish before I finish up. I’ll have pictures to add to my other albums too. So those sneak previews were not completely finished.

Random snippet from work:

Boss #2 – you got a tape measure?
Woman – what do you need a tape measure fo–never mind. I don’t want to know.

I got to talk to Rob for a long time which was much needed. I enjoy having those talks with him. I hadn’t seen a lot of him lately, so it was wonderful to spend so much time with him. YAY for Rob. :)

So, I found out my Photopass pictures haven’t expired just yet. I can still order the two I want. This is most exciting! If any of you want to see them, let me know and plop your email address into the comments.

I had other stuff to write, but the meds are finally kicking in hard core. YEAH.

G’night, I mean morning. ºOº

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