Day: June 26, 2005


PostSecret is amazing this week.

I can relate to at least two of them. Can you guess which ones?

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Weird Saturday (Pictures!)

What a weird day.

Firstly, I slept in the guest room because Chris didn’t turn on his CPAP machine. I was awakened by him and Aidan, and I had the worst migraine ever. I went back to sleep while Chris took Aidan to the store.

They got back a little after noon, and I got up and showered. I really wanted to sleep some more, but I had an appointment at one. The appointment was amazing and is the first step to financial freedom for me. IF I can stick to the program, and I will be needing some serious prayer to do that.

During the appointment (it was in our home), Aidan climbed up on the island and decided to be extra cute:

After she left, I played on the computer again for a while, Craig and Aidan played, Chris watched Golden Girls, and I finally couldn’t take the pain anymore and went up to bed. I slept for hours again, and got up to check my email. My head was POUNDING. Rob had left an IM telling me to go to Tyler’s for a movie. I lotioned up, pulled my hair back, threw on my glasses, grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen and headed over. Becky was there and they were waiting for me before they started the movie “Walking Tall.” It was a good movie. Especially because The Rock is bloody HOT.

After the movie, my headache calmed down. May have had something to do with the four ibuprofen I took and the pizza rolls Rob, Becky, and I shared.

Rob and the Lazy Boy had a few issues:

Rob and Tyler started violently throwing things at each other. Too bad the picture doesn’t capture it, but this is in the middle of a particularly violent (or not so much) tossing of an Auto Mart magazine. See previous picture. The book Rob is reading exsists no more. Also, some stinky Dry-Erase markers got hurled as well. Tyler ran for his life at that one.

Rob decided that Tyler needed to do a photo shoot. Rob is a very ambitious photographer and wanted to get the best shots possible. Check out the lengths he goes through to make sure he gets the perfect pose:

I’m kind of interested to see how the pictures will come out. And despite what it looks like, they really aren’t gay or dating or likewise. :)

Quotes of the Night…

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