What a weird day.

Firstly, I slept in the guest room because Chris didn’t turn on his CPAP machine. I was awakened by him and Aidan, and I had the worst migraine ever. I went back to sleep while Chris took Aidan to the store.

They got back a little after noon, and I got up and showered. I really wanted to sleep some more, but I had an appointment at one. The appointment was amazing and is the first step to financial freedom for me. IF I can stick to the program, and I will be needing some serious prayer to do that.

During the appointment (it was in our home), Aidan climbed up on the island and decided to be extra cute:

After she left, I played on the computer again for a while, Craig and Aidan played, Chris watched Golden Girls, and I finally couldn’t take the pain anymore and went up to bed. I slept for hours again, and got up to check my email. My head was POUNDING. Rob had left an IM telling me to go to Tyler’s for a movie. I lotioned up, pulled my hair back, threw on my glasses, grabbed a bottle of ibuprofen and headed over. Becky was there and they were waiting for me before they started the movie “Walking Tall.” It was a good movie. Especially because The Rock is bloody HOT.

After the movie, my headache calmed down. May have had something to do with the four ibuprofen I took and the pizza rolls Rob, Becky, and I shared.

Rob and the Lazy Boy had a few issues:

Rob and Tyler started violently throwing things at each other. Too bad the picture doesn’t capture it, but this is in the middle of a particularly violent (or not so much) tossing of an Auto Mart magazine. See previous picture. The book Rob is reading exsists no more. Also, some stinky Dry-Erase markers got hurled as well. Tyler ran for his life at that one.

Rob decided that Tyler needed to do a photo shoot. Rob is a very ambitious photographer and wanted to get the best shots possible. Check out the lengths he goes through to make sure he gets the perfect pose:

I’m kind of interested to see how the pictures will come out. And despite what it looks like, they really aren’t gay or dating or likewise. :)

Quotes of the Night:

Tyler (during a makeout scene in the movie) – This is really arousing, I think I’m going to do dishes.
Tyler – I’m going to tell them I have a hot girl in my bed and she wants breakfast.
Rob – His dad is such a whore.

Dang it, I need to start writing them down, there were some really great ones!

Oh and HAHAHA. I FINALLY GET IT! Rob said he wanted to be home at 11pm, and it was 10:30. Tyler said “You should have left an hour ago.” Now, I know Tyler lives OUT THERE but Rob drives pretty quickly. I was thinking of that on the way home. Becky drove Rob and the joke is that she drives pretty slowly. NO wonder she got mad at Tyler when he said that. HAHAHAHAHA. Only four and a half hours later! Actually, I got it on the way home in the car, so not as long. But still. HAHAHAHA.

You know, even though my mind KNOWS I have friends and that they’re great, I have doubts all the time. They plague me and try to make me hate the people I love the most. Nights like tonight help me see the reality and not the grey-hued skewed perception I have a great deal of the time. I had a lot of fun with my friends tonight. And Friday night too! :) I’m going to have fun Sunday as well. Weeee.

Then it’s Monday again, but the next week is a PAY WEEK AND a four-day work week. YIPPEE!!

‘Til next time….

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