– Migraine headaches (I’ve been plagued with one since Saturday morning);
Addicting Online Games;
– Gas being $2.25 a gallon;
– Being awake at 12:28am on a Sunday night/Monday morning;
– Number seven on the “smelly” card for the Polyester movie;
– Not going to work as an (associate) editor; :(:(:(:(
– Didn’t get any writing done this weekend due to sleeping off horrid migraine;
– Still dealing with migraine. Albeit much milder, but the threat is still there for more. :(


+ Hanging with Jennyfoo, Holly, Robert;
+ “Your booty is so ti-ight!”;
+ Baked beans;
+ Aidan’s new cute voice;
+ Aidan’s soft little cheeks that I can’t stop kissing;
+ Chris taking Aidan to church so I could get more sleep to try to combat aforementioned migraine;
+ Getting laundry put away. Finally.

Meep. I need to go to sleep.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

Did you know that if you ingest 80-90 Tylenol (40-45 doses) in a very short amount of time, you can die? The problem with acetaminaphin poisoning is that it takes hours and hours for symptoms to show. By the time they show, the poison has destroyed the kidneys so much that stomach pumping is useless and death is pretty much imminent. Scary thought, huh? And it’s not as if the person goes to sleep peacefully. The person is in dire pain until the very end. :( I never would have thought to kill myself with Tylenol, but apparently it’s possible and it’s not fun. :(

But anyway. Wow, this is a Yo-Yo entry, no?

Here are the PostSecrets I can relate to (make sure you wait for all of them to load!):


Okay. Goodnight. :)


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