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Ten Things I Would Say To My 18-Year-Old Self

01. Major in what you love, not what you think will get you a job.
02. A lot of pain is coming your way. Be strong and rest in God. You’ll be okay.
03. Do not, under any circumstance, get a credit card. You will regret it.
04. I mean it about the credit cards.
05. Don’t change who you are to win others. If they don’t like the real you, they’re not worth it anyway.
06. You will get to go to Disney World and it will be wonderful.
07. Keep writing. It will give you joy beyond belief.
08. Don’t wait until you’re nearly thirty to get your driver’s license.
09. You’re going to have the most beautiful son in the world.
10. Guess what? That long hair you so desperately want? You’ll have it someday.

I may have overdone it Tuesday night. And it’s not as if I even did anything that strenuous. There was work, then The Grove (where I had to make copies of The Bark, hook up the projector to my computer, figure out how to get it to work – with a little help from my friends – and turn off the radio for the Happy Hands Club skit, and run the slide show. It sounds like a lot but it really isn’t.) I socialized only for a bit after, got some Burger King and ate it in bed before finally falling asleep.

Had small group tonight. I missed some of it because I got too frustrated with the discussion. I went into Craig’s room and watched Dora the Explorer with Aidan. He was all cute and cuddly. It was GREAT. :) I love to cuddle with him and give him lots and lots of kisses.

I wore my hair straight Wednesday. I didn’t even bother to curl it. Tuesday it was wavy, but by the time I got to The Grove, it was completely straight. Abbie told me that my hair looked good, so I decided to go for it again. I liked it. I usually don’t wear it straight like this, so it’s a new thing for me. I got compliments from lots of people during small group and after as well. With my silver earrings, it seemed to be quite effective. :)

Apparently, Candice, Laura Brown, Monica, Vance (maybe? – I don’t know him well, but he got signed up as well) and I are doing a Vanilla Ice dance for The Grove’s Arts Festival in August. This should be good. I do plan on submitting some photography, maybe. It will be expensive, though, so we shall see.

Random Reason Why I Like Boss #3 (Yes, I have THREE now):
– One of the folders in his inbox is an action item folder. Instead of saying To Do’s, it says To Dos. Gotta love it!! :)

I sent a note to’s suggestion area Tuesday. On their website, in the Quick Links, it says “FAQ’s” instead of “FAQs.” What is up with people thinking they have to add an apostrophe to pluralize something?

They haven’t responded. I don’t know how long they’ll take. I was impressed to get an answer from Target some months ago. Although I never did go and see if those signs were corrected or not…

It is so awkward to post after midnight when I haven’t gone to bed yet. I want to say yesterday and today, but those days are all off now because it’s way after midnight. I so should be in bed now. :-

I don’t have plans for tomorrow evening. Not sure what I’ll do. I might finish up the “secret surprise for a certain someone” or just relax. Who knows what could be in store for me.

Oh, see I did it again. THIS evening, I meant!

Saw Land of the Dead with Becky, Emily, Rob, Tyler, Josh, and Brian. Huge crowd. Entertaining movie. I never would have chosen that on my own, but I’m glad I went. I was quite entertained and the interesting thing is that the movie garnered sympathy for the zombies. That’s not normal, I don’t think. I found myself rooting for the zombies and also for the good guys, of course. I liked it.

So, I should go to bed. Everything is done, all I have to do is grab my lunch and run. I have established a little reminder. Whenever I stand the Gigli DVD on the island, I know to get my lunch out of the fridge. Why do I own a copy of Gigli, you ask? Well, it was given to Chad and Christy as a joke. I was perusing their DVD section trying to figure out if I wanted to borrow anything. They let me borrow The Notebook (I haven’t watched it yet) and they said I can KEEP Gigli!! Hahaha. I have to watch it soon to see what all the (non)hype was about.


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