Month: July 2005

Pretty Good Day!

I had a pretty good day today.

Firstly, THANK YOU for all of your good wishes and congratulations regarding my new job!!! :D I appreciate that you took the time to wish me well. :) *feels loved*

So…. I got to work and of course, that’s always hard because when the weather is lovely; I just feel claustrophobic!!! But I managed to sneak out at lunch and take a nap in Plaza Park. That was nice; napping in the warm breeze. Mmmmm.

After work, it was great to come home and play on the internet. Ci (starrlyte) and I played on our webcams! It was sooo much fun! She is soooo darn pretty and her heart-shaped lamp is the cutest thing ever. It was a blast. Then Chris came home and we went to Fed Ex to get a package. It wasn’t what we were expecting–instead it turned out to be paperwork for my new job!!! YEAH!

We went to Easton for dinner. Ate Brio. OMG YUM. Waited forever for a table, but it was worth it. After dinner, I dragged Chris to Barnes and Noble and who should we run into there but Rob and Tyler! Heh. I was more interested in acquiring books than hanging out and crashing their thingy, so we went into the store and I got the latest Georgia Nicholson and another book called Perfect. Can’t wait to read them, but I already have a backlog of books I need to read. My writing class starts Monday! Speaking of my writing class, I’m eagerly waiting for my instructor Lauren (laurenbarnholdt) to start putting up crazy cam pics of herself.

One thing I didn’t count on about leaving Nationwide was the number of people who would be impacted outside of my immediate circle (bosses, staff, etc.) One admin admitted that she started crying when I told her. People are actually sad to see me go. This is so strange. I guess I don’t realize how much my presence impacts people because I focus on the people who don’t really care. I need to fix that, huh?

Boss #2 told me to stay home tomorrow. I thought about it, but I’m going to go in at least for a little bit. All three of them are out tomorrow as well as a lot of other people. There really won’t be much for me to do–but maybe I can start cleaning out my desk…? I have a TON of stuff to throw away/cart home/donate/SOMETHING!

Blargh. It’s already 11? :( Fun times go way too quickly, ya know. At least it’s the weekend. A great weekend because I won’t have to take care of Aidan (although I do miss him bunches) and Chris might go camping with Craig. Can we say PARTAY at my house? (Yeah right. As if!)

Oh yeah, and Aimzy (liesandpromises) got my plane ticket today! California… here I come!!!!!!!
Everyone PRAY that I run into Adam Brody when I’m out there and that he and I totally chill out together.

Okay then. Ta ta for now.

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First order of business:


I’m going to be an Associate Production Editor at McGraw-Hill. How excited am I? Can I get a whut-whut?? :D

I got the call last night, the official letter(s) today, and I start August 15th. YAY!

Second order of business:

Aimzy (liesandpromises) is buying my plane ticket tomorrow. YAY for trips to California!! :) YAY for fun times with friends.

The house is clean, and we’re hosting life group at our house tonight. Should be fun.

Hmm, I thought I had a lot more to write. Guess not. I suppose the new job thing kind of eclipses it all, yes? :D

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Just finished Half Blood Prince.


… trying to stop myself from crying.

I mean… whoa.

I’ll try to go more in depth tomorrow; bedtime for me.

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My weekend is already almost over!! :(

I miss Aidan. A LOT.

I’m 3/4ths done with Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. :D
Getting ready to start with Chapter 23.
I like it okay so far.
But that whole Pensieve thing is too weird. I don’t like it at all.
Is it just me, or is Malfoy’s secrecy and broodiness like… HOT?

Spent the evening over at Chad and Christy’s. It was fun. They made spaghetti, and I sent Chris to the store to get me lots and lots of sweets. I was/am craving chocolate and a tropical fruit fury flavored Tropicana Twister like a mo-fo. Meep.

Cramps are no fun. :(

Watched Family Guy and American Dad while I was there. Crazy shows.

Chris is downstairs watching Chamber of Secrets. It’s really loud and rumbling the floor. :

So, it’s back to work tomorrow. Mrph. Well, I can come straight home, I guess, since I don’t have to pick up Aidan. I’ll probably stop at the library first, though. :D As if I need anymore books to read, right? Heh.

Helen (pixiedash), thanks for the long chats this weekend. I think you single-handedly kept me from going insane with worry. It’s nice to know things are okay, at least with that one thing, right? And congrats again on the new job!!!! :D:D

I don’t know what’s been up with me lately, but I’ve been a two-shower/bath a day girl for a few weeks now. Usually, I do it the night before. But lately, it’s been the night before, and then after work, and then again before bed. Maybe it’s this crazy heat making me do it? I dunno.

Alright, off to my book. Later.

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Random Tumbles

I’m skipping church again. Sorry megnita. I’m sure you look beautiful in your new sundress!

Just couldn’t muster up the *oomph* to go. I’m going to take a shower and wash my hair and read Harry Potter and MAYBE do some chores if I feel up to it. I desperately need to do laundry, that’s for sure.

The heatwave continues. It’s supposed to be 95º tomorrow. Blazing, I tell ya.

It’s been decided. I need to meet Rosa (dwagonfry) someday. She is just too cute.

When I think of visiting Aimzy (liesandpromises), I get SUPER excited! I mean, it’s not that far away. Only 6 weeks! I’m going to Los Angelos and I’m going to Disneyland!!! AND if things work out right, I’ll get to meet Kelly (hybridpeach), Brandon, and Becky too! I know that I’m going to wish I could stay longer, but Amy and I both have to work. It’s going to be great anyway. Disneyland, Hollywood, Pacific Ocean, FRIENDS!! Squeeeeee!

Had lots of weird dreams last night, and the night before. Fleeting, shadowy dreams again. Lots of boys, celebrities and non-celebs alike. Very strange.

I should stop testing people. The results never come out well, and I always end up hurt in the process. Oh well, I guess I have to deal with it and chalk it up to another lesson learned. I’ll get through this, I know I will. I made my choices and I have to stick with them. I’ll be better for it in the long run and now I know that I need to refocus on healthier things.

And finally, for itskels: “There’s no need to call me ‘sir,’ Professor.”


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