I’ve been using my Live Journal for a little over a year now. So weird. I’m up to over 900 entries now. That’s crazy!

I got to work from home yesterday. Boss #3 (who is now officially Boss #1 but I’ll keep calling him Boss #3 to alleviate confusion) told me to go ahead. I got some things done, but it’s hard with Aidan demanding attention and an unstable internet connection. But it was okay, I got to rest and save on the commute.

Aidan went down for a nap at a bit after three, taking me with him, of course. :) I knew there were plans in the works but I wasn’t sure what. Let me tell you, it’s so hard to have different groups of friends and to have them all wanting a “piece” of me. Tee hee. But Becky and I had made plans to hang out anyway, so that was that. Well, it grew into a decent-sized group. The usual ‘Crew’ – me, Becky, Rob, Tyler… and Emily came along too. YAY for that. We ate dinner at Cap City diner (meh), watched Degrassi at Emily’s, drove arond I-670 to catch glimpses of Red, White, and Boom, then booked it out of there. We went to Champps in Easton for dessert. Rob bought me a drink and we got into some pretty heavy conversations. Went back to Emily’s, hung out a bit, then Becky and Tyler left. Rob, Emily, and I watched part of Princess Diaries II and some music videos before finally leaving a bit after 2am. Good times, man. Good times.

Of course, I have pictures!

Emily and Becky

Tyler and Me

Me with Attitude

Emily and Me

Rob acting weird

Me in the car on the way to Champps. I’m just trying to imagine what dorks we are, taking pictures of ourselves as Tyler’s driving down the street. WEIRD!

Right now, I’m just working on some projects and chillin. Time for a shower soon. :) Good times.


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