Day: July 10, 2005

It’s Teasing Me (Pictures)

Broadband is back. We’re having someone come out and look at it next weekend though. Cause it’s really not cool to keep going out as often as it does.

In other news:

New Floor!!!

Rob is the best. Chris just showed him what he was working on and Rob hopped right in. Thank God, too. There is no way Chris could have done all of that alone. Our foyer looks amazing and all because Rob is awesome. So thank you, Rob. You’ll be repaid generously and in more than pizza and beer. ;) I heart you.

‘Til later…

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Guess what? Broadband is down AGAIN. Seriously, what the heck am I paying for? This connection is more unstable than dialup half the time.
I wish we could get WOW cable here. It’s cheaper and doesn’t seem to go out nearly as much.

I might be heading to Panera later so I can relish in some good old High Speed Internet. Of course, I’ll have to go all the way up North to do it…

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