– So the plan was to go to bed about 11ish. However, Chris and Todd are putting up a ceiling fan in the Master bedroom (AND Aidan is awake) so not so much.
– I get the strange feeling that I’m being ignored by a certain person. Again. I really should be used to it by now and stop caring so much (especially since there are so many other people who are worth ten of this person in my life), but there you go.
– I’m not sure where my Mickey Mouse watch is.
– I now live in a home of my own with crown moulding. :)
– Internet is still acting a bit weird.
– I got to talk to Rhianna!!! YES, Rhianna who wrote the awesome journals! :):):)
– I got to talk to Helen, too! :):):)
– Mickey Mouse watch just turned up.
– Ceiling fan light is a dud.
– Time for me to go to bed.
– I hate the Dursleys, although they are quite entertaining to read about.
– Todd, Theresa, and Craig are awesome.
– Nobody puts Baby in a corner.


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