Day: August 13, 2005

I LOVE the Ohio State Fair!! (Pictures)

I had such an amazing time at the Fair today! We didn’t get there ’til really late. It was hot and crowded. Not horribly, though. Heh. Bob, Chris, Aidan and I got there first. They parked us with the campers which I thought was really weird, but whatever. After a few failed attempts, we finally made our way into the fair. We went in through a side entrance and totally could have gotten away with not paying–had we not pre-bought our tickets at Kroger! HAHA. Irony, such a funny thing, eh?

So we got something to drink and floated through the Commercial building. It was crowded but air-conditioned at least. Then Aidan got really mad and hungry so we left to get him some food. Craig called while we were at the stand, saying he’d arrived with Theresa and Tom. They met us there. And we went on from there. :)

We ate and rode and laughed and got rained on. Total blast. :D

You guys will be so proud of me. Remember the video of the crazy ride from a couple of entries ago? I GOT ON IT TODAY! Yes, I rode the Power Surge. Craig paid for me, Bob, and Tom to ride it, so we did.


Seriously, it kicked some serious bootay. It was just… so random. Lots of flipping and turning and you really have no idea where you’re going or anything. It was fantastic!!! I was very mildly dizzy when I got off, and I was over it in about 15 seconds.

I guess after Mission Space (at Disneyworld), these rides are nothing, hahaha.

Bob and I also rode the Orbiter and the Scrambler. The Scrambler is the longest ride evarrrrr. Totally awesome. I am so glad I have a friend who will ride all those crazy twisty-turny rides with me. Tina didn’t show up, so I was so happy when Bob was willing to join me, yay. Next year, he and I are getting the wristbands and going ride crazy. THAT will be sweeeet.

I have tons of pictures and some video too, so I guess I should go ahead and get to ’em, huh? :)

Bob and me on The Orbiter!!! WOOHOO!!!


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It’s Saturday! (Pictures)

Saturday at last. I must be getting spoiled by the AC because it’s bloody hot outside. Chris mentioned going to the zoo, but there is no way I could handle too much of the heat. Ack. No fun at all. We’re purposely going to the Fair in the evening to avoid much of the hotness. A huge group of us are heading out there. I’m looking forward to it, especially since Tina is going. She’s the only one who’ll ride all those crazy twisty rides with me so YAY.

I noticed a lack of Tilt-A-Whirl and Scrambler when I was there last week. I’m hoping it was merely an oversight on my part. I mean, a Fair with no Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl? What the hell?

Anyway, here are a few pictures I took today with my new camera. :) YAY!

Me, using the “Portrait” setting. :)

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