I’m an aunt!!! I’ve never been an aunt before. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law had their baby girl today. Jamie Elizabeth is the first girl born into the Davis family in decades! Much rejoicing is to be done!

Welcome, baby Jamie!!!

Had another good day at work. It’s WEIRD to actually enjoy my job. I know I’ve only worked there for two days, but to see people so passionate about something that I am passionate about–the synergy in the group… it’s amazing. I pray it only gets better.

There is SO MUCH that goes into making a text book. It’s overwhelming. I’m learning so much every day. It’s so nice to feel like part of a team, instead of just the “go to” person for all the grunt work. We have a break room with hot water, tea and cocoa, a fridge, and a neat little machine that makes water and ice. There is candy all over the place (which is BAD for me!). I drink a LOT of water these days. It’s so easy to go and refill it. And it’s really good for me, right?

Proofreading is a lot harder than it seems. But I enjoy it immensely. Isn’t that crazy? Looking for mistakes? How is that fun? But it is for me.

I just can’t believe I got this job! I pray it continues to be wonderful for me.

Here is the building where I work. It’s not the best angle, I’ll try to get a better one soon.


The other day, I was outside. Chris had just watered the plants and I noticed some droplets clinging to one of the leaves of the lamb’s ear. I had to capture it:

I have lots of email to answer. I’ll have to make time to answer it soon, huh? I am also behind on phone calls. I need to start making lists again:

To Do:
– emails
– phone calls
– sort out boxes from NW
– clean out closet
– 10 pages
– critique Renee’s (laverick) pages
– memorize my lines for “Strange Love.”

Mmm. Chores. Gotta love it.

There is a cricket living in our garage! When I go out in the morning to go to work, I hear it chirping and echoing. So cute! :)

Ate Friendly’s tonight. It had been a while since I’d been there. YUMMY! I had a chocolate ice cream soda. Delicious. My stomach wasn’t too happy with me afterwards, but my MOUTH was!!!!

Okay then. I should head to bed soon.

Good night!

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