I guess a long update is in store, huh? *sheepish grin*

Well, let’s see. Hmm. My last update was last…Monday night I think? So okay. What happened since?

Tuesday – The Grove. It was AWESOME. I had a good time, saw some cool people. Got to see Emily which is always pleasant. The Power Point went off (almost) without a hitch. :) Only bad thing is that Jon C. wasn’t there. I was hoping to see him. It’s fun watching him get “drunk” off of communion. ;)

Wednesday – Life Group. I was starting to feel really crappy, so I was very lethargic during the entire group meeting. Although the discussion was good, I was still tired. Went to Walgreens, got some meds, and knocked myself out.

Thursday – Craig, Theresa, and Rob came over and we chilled out and ate. Good times. Rob played with my new camera. It was fun. :) Craig is SO funny. I LOVE his dry humor. Except… he says he’s being serious. o.O

Friday – Craig and Lauren came over and we watched movies and hung out and ate. It was really nice to see Lauren again, it had been a while since we’d hung out. Golden Girls, OMG. Chris made us watch it (until Craig arrived and yelled “I’m not watching the effin’ Golden Girls!”) and I laughed so hard I CRIED!!

Tony (Sophia’s cheating boyfriend): I don’t know what to say.
Sophia: I’ll tell you what to say. Say OUCH! *smacks with purse*

Aidan was out of CONTROL Friday night. OH MY GOD. He was sooo hilarious!!! You have to see these videos to understand how silly my little boy is:

Bootiesmack | Link | 4.4 megabytes

Aidan as Harry Potter | Link | 3.6 megabytes

It was a crazy night.

Saturday: Had a lazy day. Caught up on my email and made plans to go with Craig up to Cedar Point. Called Lauren and invited her, she was a GO. Called Amy H, but she declined. :( We went to Chad and Christy’s to pop in at Chad’s birthday party. Who should arrive but Molly B and her ADORABLE little boy Peyton!!! He and Aidan adore each other and just play and play. So cute and precious, they are. :)

The party was pretty good. We didn’t stay long, but I had a good time while I was there.

Tim tosses Aidan into the air!

The Sun is peeking at me.

Pretty, huh? :)

After the party, we went up to Craig’s. We transferred all of our bags to Craig’s Jeep and headed up to Sandusky. We got a hotel so we didn’t have to get up super early the next morning. Got to the hotel, watched SNL, and I fought with the wireless internet. OMGWTFBBQ the connection was HORRIBLE. I couldn’t even get the dial-up to connect. It was terrible.

Sunday: CEDAR POINT! It was AMAZING! I hadn’t been since 1999, so I was really excited to see what it would be like and to ride some of my favorite rides. Well, the first thing I got on was the Raptor with Craig. Now, I hadn’t ridden the Raptor since 1996 because all the other times, the line was at least an hour long; usually two or more. WHOA. WAY more intense than that crazy Power Surge I rode at the Fair a few weeks ago. WHOA.

By the time Craig and I got off the Raptor, Lauren had made it there and so she and Chris got in line. Craig and I took Aidan to Kiddie Kingdom where he rode a few rides. He cried the entire time on the helicoptors, then asked if he could go on it again when it was over. Huh?

So, after Chris and Lauren finished the Raptor, we stayed in that area for a long time. We hit the Wicked Twister (TOTALLY FUN!), the Giant Wheel (very neat and relaxing), the Troika (3x for me, baby!). Then we ate at Johnny Rockets. They did three shows for us and our waiter, Jason, was totally cute and really into it. I gave him a big tip. ;) After lunch, Aidan played in the fountain a bit, then Lauren and I rode Disaster Transport. While we were waiting for Craig and Chris to ride it, Aidan rode this little ride called the Roto-Whip. SIX TIMES. HE LOVED it. Since there wasn’t a line, the operator let him stay on as long as he wanted. He was still riding when Chris and Craig (C-squared!) came off Disaster Transport!!

Here’s a video of Aidan having a BLAST on it:

Aidan on the Roto-Whip | Link | 8 megabytes

So, after we finally got Aidan off the Roto-Whip, we headed towards the back. And there it was. MILLENIUM FORCE. HOLY AWESOME. I mean, that ride is freakin’ incredible. It goes so fast and it’s so amazing and I just can’t describe it. You just need to ride it!!!!

After MF, we went to Frontierland. White Water Landing was next, but not before making fun of those on Snake River Falls. Lots of water action going on in that part of the park–Thunder Canyon is back there as well. We hit the Mine Ride which was so boring after MF. HAH. Lauren and I rode the Gemini twice (walked right on), Aidan got pissed on the Tilt-A-Whirl so they stopped the ride so he could get out. He met some Snoopy characters and rode the Peanuts 500 with Craig, then this baby Tilt-A-Whirl-type ride which he loved. The last ride of the night was the Top Thrill Dragster. Now honestly, I wasn’t going to be upset if I missed out on this ride, but I’m so GLAD I rode it. Lauren and I waited in line and guess what? When we were three parties from riding, the damn thing broke down. ARGH ARGH. The park was closing in 35 minutes. What to do? I still wanted to ride Iron Dragon, Matterhorn, Power Tower, and the Scrambler!

Lauren and I decided to wait it out. Why pass up the chance to ride the tallest and faster coaster on Earth??? Others didn’t share my sentiment, though. People left the line in droves. Lauren and I scooted to the shorter lines. :) We were sitting there chillin’, and listening the the intermittent announcements of them saying the ride was down, blah blah blah. We waited some more. Chris called twice and told us to hang in there. By now, we’d been in line for over an hour. It was nearing closing time in the park. I heard them reload the trains. Then they said the magic words: “OPEN THE GATES AND LOAD THOSE TRAINS!” Everyone CHEERED! It was 7:55–5 minutes ’til close!!! Lauren and I were next in line. The people in front of us decided to wait, so we got to GO!!!

And GO we went. 120 MPH we took off at. It’s so amazingly fast–you’re at the top of a 420 foot hill in a blink. :) Then you descend, twisting gently. As you slide to a stop, your heart is racing and you’re yelling “THAT WAS FREAKIN’ AWESOME AND WORTH THE WAIT!!! YEAH!”

My favorite coasters have changed over the years. At first, it was the Corkscrew. Then the Magnum XL-200. Now it’s a toss-up between Millenium Force and Top Thrill Dragster, with Wicked Twister close behind. All I know is that I LOVE CEDAR POINT and I simply will not wait another 6 years to go again!!!!

And of course I have pictures!!

The Giant Wheel

Craig in the Troika. It was his first time ever riding. It took me a while to convince him that the Troika is a GOOD ride that wouldn’t make him sick.
The verdict? HE LIKED IT! :)

Of course, I LOVE the Troika!! I rode it three times!

Aidan driving a Mustang. A boy after my own heart. :)

Lauren and I are saying our “yay” prayer. You just hold hands and say “yay.” :)

The boys are in SUCH TROUBLE!

Craig on the Top Thrill Dragster. Right after this, I told him to look forward because the ride would be taking off.
The look on his face when it took off was PRICELESS. :)

The Sun sets at the end of a perfect Cedar Point day. :)

After Cedar Point, we ate at Bob Evans. HAHAHA. There were three bottles of ketchup on our table. The waiter teased us about them all night. Aidan got smiley face potatoes and made one of them fart. A little girl at the next table told Aidan he was silly. Aidan laughed proudly and proceeded to make raspberries on his arm.

Ronni: Do you remember that time we all went to Cedar Point?
Craig: When was that?

*Chris, Lauren and Ronni fall out laughing.*

Craig: What?

Other things that happened since my last update:
– Last week at work, a named Justin had a birthday. A few people on our team decorated his entire cube with aluminum foil. Even the PENS and his DRINK were wrapped. It was the funniest thing.
– Today at work, the fire alarms went nuts. We were told to disregard all future alarms. That got a LOT of laughs, especially after she got on and corrected herself.
“Write a number, any number…that’s a horse.”
– I got “real” work last Thursday. I like it. :)

Tomorrow, Aidan goes to his grandmother’s for a week and a half. I will miss him so much!!! He’s so sweet. Chris goes to Arizona and stuff on Friday, so I’ll get the place to MYSELF all next week. Then next Friday, I go to CALIFORNIA! I get to meet Star and Kelly and Aimzy!!!! I can’t wait!! :):):)

I am officially addicted to Flickr. You should join. :)

And to close on a more serious note… my heart goes out to those hurricane victims. Holy cow, I can’t even imagine what that must be like… :(

Bed time for me. Long day tomorrow.

Good night!

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