I don’t really have a lot to say, but I feel like posting anyway. Has that ever happened to you?

So, when I got back from California, I had a package from my friend Andy. He’d gotten me my birthday gift approximately two and a half months early:

Sweet, huh? I wore them to church Sunday and got compliments. HA!

I’ve been a cleaning machine. Our family room carpet was disgusting, so I shampooed it. Now it’s normal. I also shampooed the loft, the upstairs hall, and the living room. I’ll do the master bedroom later, and I’ll be done shampooing for a while. Yay.

Monday, I had a scary incident in the car which resulted in me needing to get a new tire put on Tuesday morning. THEN I got sick and got sent home from work. I stayed home Wednesday and since the company picnic was Thursday, I took 1/2 day and went home since they dismissed us at 11:30am.

Tuesday was the One Act for The Grove. It went off well. I was the only one not really nervous. Everyone else was freaking out. Doing a play like that is such a time commitment, but we totally bonded those few hours before show time. I was backstage with Joe and Ben. It was great. We wore wireless mics and Ben and I kept worrying that the main pack was pulling our pants down. Joe then says: “I have a rather large butt, so I don’t have to worry about that.” I made sure the mic was muted/off before we laughed crazily.

The pastor wants us to do it six more times! Crazy!! Here are some pictures from dress rehearsal:

One Act!

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