Day: September 26, 2005

Most Definitely a Night Owl

It’s almost midnight and I have no interest in sleeping at the moment. As soon as the Sun comes up, though, I’m going to want to crawl under the covers and lose myself in my dreams. Why is that?

I don’t *think* I’m a vampire, although I was quite obsessed with them when I was 17. I thought vampires were the coolest things ever.

Something about the night, when everyone else is asleep, makes me feel calm. It’s so quiet. I love Friday nights because I know that I can stay up late, and I have the entire Saturday to relax and recover. I write, I connect with my friends on the West Coast who are 3 hours behind me. I come alive when the Sun goes away which is so weird because I LOVE the Sun.

Lots on my mind, lots to think about and mull over. Not a lot of time, though.

I should attempt to sleep, though. At least get a shower. LONG day tomorrow.

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Everyone, keep praying for me and my writing.

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