Sunday was pleasant.

Church was first. Chris and Aidan slept in, so I went on by myself. It was pretty nice. I sat alone in the back, though. It was one of those moments, you know? I talked to a few people afterwards, though. Then I headed to Barnes and Noble (I need to stay out of there, seriously), and get the cutest new bible. It’s small, and purple with a green flower on it. New Living Translation. I really want one The Message, but B&N didn’t have any. :( I also got three new novels to read. I am set. :) Well, for a week at least. ;)

Holly and Robert came over for lunch. Chris made steaks (crab stuffed for Holly, Robert, and himself), golden mashed potatoes, and green beans w/bacon. Yummm. :) Although it filled me up at the time, for some reason, I am starving now. :

After we ate, we talked for a bit then watched The Boondock Saints. That is such a kick ass movie. I love it more each time I watch it.

Had a nice chat with Jennifer online, and here I am now, updating. Feel empowered. I am kind of annoyed that I let stupid stuff get me down. I won’t let it win, though. I REFUSE.

Dang it.

The pruning has begun and it feels just as good even as it hurts. There are people who I will ALWAYS, ALWAYS be here for no matter what, but there are others that as far as I’m concerned, no longer exist to me. It’s good that way. Merciless, perhaps. But good for me. As I said a few entries back, I can’t have people in my life who hurt me and go on without a care about it. WHY should I have to deal with people who couldn’t care less about me and my feelings when there are so many who are just waiting for me to spoil them?

Speaking of spoiling… our church is participating in something called Operation Christmas Child. You take a shoebox and fill it with toys and donate it. Some kid gets a shoebox full of goodies for Christmas. I’m so excited to do that and The Giving Tree. :) That kind of stuff is so much fun for me. I want to decorate the box all prettily and festive-like. YAY.

Grr. Although he is sitting downstairs, Chris just sent Aidan UPSTAIRS to tell me to make him some oatmeal. WTH?

Anyway, I think I need a new LJ default icon. Any ideas?

I updated MySpace. It’s kind of festive. :)

Okay, I have to go. Aidan is hungry (albiet undecisive about oatmeal or macaroni and cheese) and I am as well. ‘Til Later! :)

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