Things I Want To Do At This Moment:

1. Shop for books, sweaters, and CDs.
2. Go back to Disneyworld. Or Disneyland.
3. Sleep.
4. Play on the computer.
5. Write.
6. Sleep some more.

I’m tired. I tried to get to bed earlier than usual last night, but it took me a while to fall asleep. I’ve taken to having 1/2 dose of Tylenol PM before I go to bed. But everytime I dosed off, Aidan wanted to play. *sigh* He’s a worse night owl than I am.

Last night before bed, Aidan and I played a game. I pretended to be “Baby Mommy” and he pretended to be the daddy tucking me in to bed. Everytime he said “night night,” I would wait until he was in the hall and start “crying.” He’d run in and pat my cheek and go “It no scary, Mommy.” Soo cute and funny too. But now I know that playing before bed is not a good idea.

Gonna try to get to bed early again tonight. I hope I can fall asleep. I’m glad tomorrow is Friday. I have to see if itskels wants to have lunch with me tomorrow or not. After work, I am taking Aidan to the Heritage block party. There will be free food and people to see like megnita! :)

Nipped from paintyoursky!!

1. Do you wear makeup? If so how much and where? Yes. I wear face powder and sometimes eye shadow and blush and lipgloss.
2. Do you use face creams/moisturisers? Yes.
3. Do you pluck/wax your eyebrows? No, but I probably should.
4. Have you made any permanent changes with surgery? No.

1. Which brand of shampoo do you use? Optimum Care.
2. Do you condition? Every time I wash.
3. Do you blow dry/straighten/curl your hair? My hair is chemically relaxed. I sometimes wear it curly, sometimes straight, sometimes wavy.
4. Do you use mousse/hair spray/any added volumisers etc? I use spray sheen for shine sometimes.
5. How often do you go to the hair dressers? Not very often at all.
6. Is your hair coloured? No.
7. Have you got streaks/highlights? Natural. :)
8. How do you usually wear your hair? Down.
9. Ever had extensions? No.

1. Any piercings? If so how many and where? Two in each ear.
2. Any tats? If so what are they, where are they, how many? None yet.
3. Do you wear jewellery? How much? I wear my Tiffany necklace 99% of the time, my wedding band, a Mickey Mouse watch, and sometimes my Tiffany bracelet and sometimes earrings.
4. How much of your wardrobe contains brand names? (as a percentage) 75-85%
5. Favourite item of clothing: Just about anything I got from Aeropostale, my long skirts, and my AE jeans.
6. Do you own any fur? No.
7. Brand of deodrant: Secret.
8. Perfume/Aftershave: Oh my. I have so many to choose from.
9. Shaving foam/shaving gel/wax/ugar/soap and water? Shaving gel.
10. Do you shave/wax your legs? I shave them.
11. Do you shave/wax your arm pits? Yes.
12. Do you shave/wax your arms? No.
13. Do you shave/wax bikini line? Yes.
14. How often do you shave? Probably once or twice each week.
15. Do you use talc? Sometimes.
16. Do you use a body moisturiser? Every once in a while.
17. Brand of bubble bath: None.
18. Brand of soap: Caress (bar), Suave Aloe Vera (shower gel).
19. Brand of washing powder: N/A.

1. Do you prefer fizzy/still drinks? Still.
2. Favourite hot drink: Chocolate.
3. Favourite cold drink: Kool-Aid.
4. Favourite snack: Depends on my mood!
5. Favourite meal: Spaghetti.
6. How many meals do you eat a day? 1 or 2.
7. Do you eat out? Too often. :x
8. Convinience food agree/disagree? Agree.
9. Favourite fast food outlet: McDonalds.
10. Regularity of eating out: Again, too often.
11. How often do you cook? Rarely.
12. Milk: semi skimmed, full fat? I HATE MILK.
13. Bread: white/brown/wholemeal? Brown.
14. Butter/marg? Either.
15. Do you own a food mixer? Yes. Well, sort of. It’s Chris’s.
16. Slice your own veg/buy ready prepared? Ready prepared.
17. Oven/Microwave? Depends!

1. Favourite sport: Gymnastics.
2. How often do you work out? Uh… :x
3. In any clubs/societies for sport? No.
4. Own a car/vehicle? Yes.
5. How often do you drive? Almost every day.
6. Prefer to walk/drive? Either.

1. Own a computer? Yes.
2. Email/Hand Written Letter? Both.
3. Hand written notes/typed up? Both.
4. Broadband? Wireless? Dial up? Broadband and wireless.
5. How often do you use your computer? Every day.
6. Have a fax? No.
7. Have a mobile phone? Yes.
8. How often do you use your mobile? Almost every day.
9. Is it just the one mobile phone? Yes.
10. Average bill monthly? $80ish (family share plan)
11. Pay as you go/contract? Contract.
12. Ever used your mobile over the landline to save time walking? No.
13. Cable/Sky/Freeview? We’re supposed to be getting cable again on 10/15.
14. Do you own a DVD Player? Yes.
15. How many DVDs do you have? NO CLUE.
16. VHS? Tons.
17. Stereo system? Yes.
18. Laptop? Yes.
19. PDA/Blackberry? PDA
20. How many game consoles you do own? Three.

1. Smoke? How many a day? No and None.
2. Brand of cigarettes: None.
3. Drugs? No.
4. Drink alcohol? Sometimes.
5. Favourite alcoholic beverage: Amareto Sour.
6. Pick litter up/leave it? Pick it up.
7. Turn off lights/appliances or not bother? Turn off.
8. Leave the tap running when cleaning your teeth? Yes.
9. Sort trash into seperate bins? Yes, at work.
10. Recycle? Yes.
11. Worry about the world? Yes.

I’ve decided that I LOVE the sound of the flute. I’ve always been fascinated by them, but now I enjoy listening to them. David Arkenstone uses flutes in a lot of his music and it’s beautiful.

And you know what? I really don’t have much else to say. So byeee!

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