Day: October 27, 2005

To Do

– Must go to Hallmark *pant pant* Lots of birthdays, special things and such coming up. MUST GO THIS WEEKEND.
– Buy stamps
– Write Write Write!!!!

Okay, I’m done. For now.

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NOW I Remember…

…why it’s so hard for me to get focused on my writing.

I have a family. An almost 3-year-old who “NEEDS” something every ten minutes, and a husband who has to read everything out loud instead of in his head. He just spent $250 on new hockey gear and read all the instructions and warnings to me, and outlined the steps he was taking to get it all set up. Now he’s scratching off a lottery ticket and reading all the numbers aloud.

Aidan is repeating them.

And the distractions. At least it wasn’t BeJeweled 2 tonight. Just message boards and weblogs pertaining to writing.

With that said, I did get something squeaked out before getting hit with a headache. So I’m going to TRY to go to bed. Insomnia will probably keep me up (along with those pesky characters–but hey, I gave her the beginning of a voice, so maybe she’ll leave me alone long enough for me to get some sleep!)

Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!

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Now that I am done bitching…

There are officially fewer than two months until Christmas. I was at Meijer yesterday, jotting down ideas for Aidan. So entranced was I, they paged me three times over the loud speaker ‘RONNI DAVIS, MEET YOUR PARTY AT LANE 17’ I didn’t even hear it. So, here are a few ideas I am tossing around for Aidan:

Any other ideas? This is a tentative list, and I doubt I get him everything on it seeing as almost everything is at least $20-$30. Let me know what you think.

I am going to start shopping for him soon, but since he is three and WELL AWARE of who Santa Claus is and what he does, I can’t take him along with me anymore! I think he was starting to GET Christmas last year, so it should be loads of fun this year.

I HAVE to clean out his things, though. Get rid of toys, clothes he’s outgrown, things of that nature.

It’s so cold. :( I turned the heat on again. I guess November is in a few days, so this is to be expected. Still. I am always in denial during those first few cold days. It’s here, though. It’s SO here. :( Possibly no Indian Summer this year. That is depressing. But the official website of The Farmer’s Almanac is darn interesting.


(I am so NOT writing…)

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Aidan is being a bootie. I don’t think he got a nap today. He didn’t like my worship music so he turned up his Mickey Mouse DVD REALLY loudly. He tore up a tissue and refused to throw it in the trash. Then he drew on me with one of his new crayons, then got EXTREMELY pissed when I took the crayons away for the night. (For the record, the Slick Stix Twistables–NOT a good idea in the hands of a toddler or anyone. They’re like markers and now we have a nice dark blue stain on the carpet. I wish I’d realized what I was picking out–I should have gotten the ERASABLE ones). He slammed my laptop cover down (almost on my fingers) and did so much screaming and yelling. Lord, help me.

And just when I get almost to the brink of frustration (he came up to me with his “peepee” hanging out and wouldn’t put it away), I asked him if he needed to potty. He did and now he has a Fruit Roll-Up as a treat, he put on his pajamas, and he’s happy as a lark.



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Dreams of the Future & Other Stuff

Have you seen the cover for Sarah Dessen’s (writergrl) new book? It’s so pretty!!

I remember chatting on AIM with Lauren (laurenbarnholdt) months ago (has it been already that long?) and she and I were discussing book covers, what we wanted them to look like, what the market preferred, things of that sort. She actually has a concept/comp cover. My novel is still looking for an agent.

I can’t help but to get excited when I read the blogs of those authors. Sometimes I even get the crazy notion that one day I will be the one blogging about my cover. I will be able to say (so HAPPILY) “I am an author. Here is my book, go buy it! Support your local bookseller, go to Amazon, whatever. Just get it, read it, and love it. Then tell me how much you love it.” :)

So, I try to imagine what the cover will look like. If the editors will want to change the title. If I’ll EVER get an editor. But first, I need an agent. Will that ever happen?

Then a Voice whispers to me: “Wait. Be still and know that it will all be okay.”

The dream of being an author, seeing my work in print, selling books, and moving/impacting people with my writing seems totally far-fetched, but I just can’t give up on it. Not when I remember the feeling I get when I write something and write it with every fabric of my being, with every piece of my soul. Not when I read these blogs and think to myself “I can DO this too, I simply have to keep trying.” Not when there are characters in my mind kicking at the corners of my brain keeping me awake at night. Not when I read another YA novel (I have NO clue how many I’ve barrelled through this year alone!) and my heart starts beating again and I know, I know I have something to contribute to this market. Not when someone reads my work (whether it be a poem, a song, or a novel) and this person tells me she couldn’t put it down. (I got another compliment on my poem today. He told me it grabbed him and sucked him in. If any of you would like to read it, just let me know.)

So, I think I am going to redo my plan and attitude toward my writing. The novel I am shopping around now is long, especially for a YA novel. I am trying to get out of the mindset that every book I write needs to be that long. One would think this would make things a bit easier, right?

WRONG!!! But anyway…

I am revising the requirements. I don’t have to knock out 100,000 word novels every six months. Surely, I’d lose my mind, job, family…something, right?

It is important that I write everyday. Something, anything (OTHER THAN EMAILS!) Those of you who read this, feel free to kick me in the butt regarding my writing. Ultimately, I know it’s up to ME, but I’d love to have some accountability. We’ll see, I guess.

Off to do some photocopying now…

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