Aidan is being a bootie. I don’t think he got a nap today. He didn’t like my worship music so he turned up his Mickey Mouse DVD REALLY loudly. He tore up a tissue and refused to throw it in the trash. Then he drew on me with one of his new crayons, then got EXTREMELY pissed when I took the crayons away for the night. (For the record, the Slick Stix Twistables–NOT a good idea in the hands of a toddler or anyone. They’re like markers and now we have a nice dark blue stain on the carpet. I wish I’d realized what I was picking out–I should have gotten the ERASABLE ones). He slammed my laptop cover down (almost on my fingers) and did so much screaming and yelling. Lord, help me.

And just when I get almost to the brink of frustration (he came up to me with his “peepee” hanging out and wouldn’t put it away), I asked him if he needed to potty. He did and now he has a Fruit Roll-Up as a treat, he put on his pajamas, and he’s happy as a lark.



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