Day: October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! (Pictures)

I hope everyone had a super fun Halloween!

I know I did! :)

Looks as if GOOGLE did as well:

First, I went to work. The theme (for my particular team) was California attire, so thanks to Amy’s (verytruly) great idea, I went as a Disneyland park guest. I ran into someone dressed as Minnie Mouse, and we entered the costume contest together.

We didn’t win, though.

We got free lunch (ziti, salad, garlic bread, a drink, and candy). YAY for free food!

After work was Halloween Night, of course! :) Aidan went as a pirate. How cute is he???

You know you love him. :) I know I do! :):)

I had a lot of fun handing candy out. The kids were so cute and we didn’t run out this year!! HA. Well, not ’til the end when three teenaged boys came and pretty much cleaned us out (at our request). Good times, good times. I wore my tiara. Tee hee.

Oh yeah, before I go, I have one more picture to share:


Halloween night was so beautiful this year.

Okay, I have some work to do. Good night! :)

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It’s A Challenge

I live with two very LOUD boys.


They make a lot of noise.

It’s very hard to concentrate sometimes often when I am writing.

Does anyone have any tips?

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