Why is it already 1am?

Long day of meetings–FOUR, to be exact, not to mention paperwork out the bootie and no money for lunch. Oh yeah, and I have to pay that speeding ticket.

Tuesday is already shaping up to be BAD–unless I load up on caffeine and/or Red Bull.

The weather forecast calls for rain.

Did I mention that I have FOUR meetings to attend?

(At least I have a new outfit to wear. I heart Aeropostale and their cheap, cheap, cute clothes).

I’m never going to finish a writing project. :( My dreams are too big, my time is too short and I really doubt my writing sometimes most of the time.

I should sleep. Then I’ll have enough energy for the downward spiral that is attacking me as I type.

*goes to crawl into a hole. takes laptop with her. because even as she starts to again despise the words she has written, she still can’t stop writing. she just can’t.*

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