Magical Night of Giving was so neat! I got my Christmas shopping started YAY!!!!! I was listening to Christmas music in my car, and yes, I’m in the spirit. A little bit early, but not by much. :) They stamped my hand and I got all sorts of discounts in loads of stores. Hallmark had a special–buy one roll of regular wrapping paper ($4.99) get a mega roll free. Kaufmann’s had a spend $50 and get a $10 gift card for free. Everywhere had a “spend this and get that” or at least 10% off everything in the store. Free makeovers and hand massages in Sak’s, door prizes. I didn’t see the WNCI guys there, though. :( Maybe they were at the other mall. Oh well, I had fun anyway.

First highlight of the evening the wrapping paper light saber fight that Kristen and I had:

Then, we tried on dresses.

Here is me and Nikki, matching!

Here is the dress I FELL IN LOVE with. I wanted to buy it so badly, but I don’t have anywhere to go in it, and spending $150 on a dress just because it’s pretty is just not practical!!! But anyway, here I am:

My Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Dress

I had a good time tonight. :) It’s always great to hang out with a fun bunch of gals. :D I can’t wait for our fondue night. :D:D:D


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