Today was a great day. Well, I was really late to church, but I didn’t miss most of the message, and there was communion. Yay. After church, I caught up with a bunch of folks, and Nikki and I ended up at Tina and Theresa’s to help put up their Christmas tree! YAY. We all picked up lunch and ate it there (I got Max & Erma’s–I crave a BBQ bacon burger at least once a week), and then got to work. Check it out!

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Afterwards, we went to Meijer where I did a bit more Christmas shopping, and Theresa got a few ornaments, a topper, and a tree skirt. We hung out at their place a while longer, then I finally came home. :D

This entry is mostly full of happiness, but I do need to rant.

WHY IS IT that 99% of the time I get on the road, I end up behind someone who INSISTS on going at least 8 MPH below the speed limit? I mean, the sign clearly says 45 and the person in front of me (in a ‘no passing’ zone) goes 37. Sometimes, they’ll go past a sign that’ll say 50, and if they were going 45 before, they drop down to 35. What is up with that? It drives me crazy. I feel like they do it just because they can, and that’s just mean.

But anyway….

Harry Connick Jr. Christmas CDs. Amazing.

And digressing….

I feel amazingly happy. I like it. :D

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