For the most part, I am very happy. And the .7% which is getting me down–it’ll heal soon.

Why I’m happy:

1. The presents are all wrapped.
2. The living room is clean.
3. The loft is clean.
4. The Christmas cards are finally all done, and I will mail out the rest of them tomo-er, today.

I had a good weekend. Saturday, I slept in, went to counseling, then met Chris for lunch at O’Charley’s. The food was very yummy–and I have leftovers in the fridge that I should tackle. After lunch, we came home to relax. I can’t remember if we took naps or not–I think I tried but didn’t really succeed. I had a new computer to play with! :) We went over to Craig’s, and out to Damon’s (yum) where we met Bizzy and Kyle, and then we all went to Meijer. Craig, Chris and I stayed until 2:30am. Craig spent a lot of money but knocked out a huge hunk of his Christmas shopping. We were there so late that Craig passed out on the floor:

(More pictures here.)

For some reason I was hyper (probably the night-owl thing going on) and I was up ’til 5am. Still, I managed to get up for church Sunday morning! :) It was a good message, and I had fun sitting with Kim PATCH! After church, Josh S, Craig, Chris, Mr. Matt and I ate at Max & Erma’s. Yummm, but I actually did NOT get my usual there. I did get cookies, though. Their Pick 3 is a great deal.

After lunch, I met up with Amy H at Meijer (yes AGAIN) to help her with her shopping. Then I went to Craig’s and wrapped all his presents for him. Wahoo, good times. I also watched a LOT of E! and Food Network. Can’t go wrong with that, huh? Man, I LOVE the Food Network.

Monday, McGraw-Hill had its company holiday party. It took place at Wedgewood Country Club, and they had an open bar and lots of yummy food. I really had a good time there. The best part is that they let us go at 1:30. How awesome is that? :) I took a nap, which was probably a bad idea seeing as I am wide awake now with a FULL work day ahead of me.

So with that note, I’m going to try to go back to sleep–I’m going to read a bit first. I’d forgotten how much I love Confessions of a Shopaholic.


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