When I got to work, there was a card and a gift bag on my desk. The card was from a co-worker, the gift bag from my bosses with a $50 Visa gift card. Whoa? :)

We had our department holiday party today. Food, games, prizes, loads of fun. Then we had the white elephant gift exchange. I was next to last so I had my pick of almost anything there. I ended up with Groove It, made by the same people who made Bop It. :) It should be a blast to play. During the party, I won some decorative bells, Rob gave me the candle he won, and I got lots of candy. Then we got let out early!

I got home and checked the mail. Aimzy (verytruly) had sent me a lumpy birthday card with a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble!! Oooooo. I am so excited about that, you have no idea! I also got a Christmas package from Ivy (swankivy)! I’m already wearing the Hello Kitty pj pants she got me and eating the (VERY YUMMY) cookies she sent me. She also sent more mix CDs, and a squashy pillow for Aidan. :) I love it all, of course!! :D The best part is that it came in one of the shipment boxes for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. SWEET.

ETA: She also drew an adorable picture of Aidan!!!!

I also got some Christmas cards including a VERY sexy one from Erin (celinedion).

Now I’m going to relax before Bizzy comes over later and before Chris gets home. I’m going to read and work on my writing today as well. :D So, ’til later!

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